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HULU Picks Up "The Interview" or: How Amy Pascal Lost Her "Balls"

A note before we start: This post is all about assumptions. But they are assumptions that aren’t too far out of the realm of possibility, and so they are worth making. 536 more words


Koreans and Geeks: Wild Speculations About 'The Interview'

This was an extremely interesting and unprecedented week for entertainment. After a nine year run ‘The Colbert Report’ came to an end, my grandpa bought an iPhone and learned to text (trust me, that qualifies as entertainment), and a comedy that had zero chances of… 697 more words

Friday Favourites

I know it is still technically Thursday, but I’m tired and too excited to wait until morning to post this. So here are my Friday Favourites a couple of hours early. 289 more words


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Recently: December

I’m starting a new series per say on here. It’s not me rambling, which I’ll be honest I’m kinda getting tired of and it not a set blog post on one thing. 647 more words

Can you not?

One of my least favourite things is when you are having a hella good day and everything is going your way when abruptly something or somebody just totally screws your whole vibe. 272 more words

Less Is More

We have all felt the initial pang of sadness when we discover one of our favorite shows’ lifespan is shortened to less seasons than you might have liked to watch. 451 more words

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