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A while back, my friend Nathalie posted her favorite Freaks and Geeks quote on Facebook. I am also a huge fan of the series – … 187 more words


SciFridays: "Dead Snow 2" (2014)

Baddie – Pesky nazi zombies.

Lesson – Fight zombies with zombies.

I’ll admit, Dead Snow 2 was supposed to be my Christmas movie, but instead of watching it I was busy having my appendix removed, so I lived my own private zombie movie in a sanitary controlled surgical environment instead of watching it in a timely fashion. 741 more words


What I'm Watching on Netflix this Week

It had officially taken me five months to fall back into reality after leaving Europe. That must be some sort of new record. Let me clarify, I have only started to wake up from my dream world. 660 more words


Random Thoughts: The "Right" Kind of People

I have never been a person who stuck with a specific group of people; I tend to hover over many, picking and choosing the few people who bring pure joy to my life. 341 more words

Random Thoughts

If We Were to Party (or Watch TV!) Like It's 1999, Here's What We'd Be Doing

Ah, Life. It passes. Years go by. You get a job. You have pink daughters and blue sons which you insert in a teeny tiny plastic car. 629 more words

Trip Down Memory Lane

Lets Talk: Why Lindsay Weir is My Superhero

They never quite explain what inspired Lindsay Weir in Freaks and Geeks to trade in her starched cardigan for the oversized army coat you never saw her without. 270 more words

Finding Yourself