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Freak Number 16 - Mr Blowhard

Okay I admit it, I can be a bit of a smart arse.  I cannot help it, it is in my genetics.  When you come across someone that just says the wrong things, I cannot be held responsible for the automatic reaction that comes out of my mouth.   705 more words


It's Baby Making Time!: Jodeci releases new single "Every Moment"

Photo Credit: http://www.rap-up.com

Ladies and gents, start saving up for college tuition or else start saving plan B money if you get my drift. Known for their infamous “baby making” music, … 17 more words


Topping the Three-Breasted Prostitute

Movie makers can work wonders these days. Will they pull off what Joseph Werner did with his, Diana of Ephesus as Allegory of Nature? Lycia Naff played the… 123 more words


Resurrected book review: The Carnivorous Carnival, by Lemony Snicket

From June 2012.


I did not have good memories of this book.  It was the one, as I recall, that broke my suspension of disbelief, and struck my fourteen-year-old self as being entirely too absurd, beyond the limits of reality.   1,031 more words


Good movie. Freaks.

The sideshow barker told the people to come and look into a box.  

A woman looks into a box  and

The barker explains that the horror in the box was once a beautiful and talented trapeze artist named… 302 more words


American Horror Story season 5.

It’s pretty obvious that AHS got a little confused in season fours “Freak Show” but altogether the franchise has been pretty darn good.

But what is to come on season 5?. 158 more words



I’m a PK. Pastor’s Kid. Yes, I’m one of those. Think what you will about us. We’re totally normal. For the most part. I’ve been a PK for a little over five years now. 787 more words