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Inappropriate thoughts

My colleagues are very fucked up individuals with a very sick sense of humor. Those reasons alone are the reasons why I like them. Today one coworker turns to me and says “you’re getting on up there in age and you need to pop out one”. 178 more words



I met a porn star.
I’m friends with circus performers, strippers & drag queens.
I’m friends with gangsters, punks, and sorority girls.
I’m friends with males, females and in between. 35 more words


Pity Fool

Hierarchy is to keep order and productivity. In itself it’s a good thing leave it to us humans to wreck a great system. With “pecking order” comes pride and judgment. 696 more words

AHS: Freak Show - Is *SPOILER* Back? [TELEVISION]

Guess who is apparently coming back to American Horror Story? Find out after the jump!