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Night of the Creeps (1986)

Written and Directed by Fred Dekker (who the year after this would direct and help write Monster Squad) Starring Jason Lively, Jill Whitlow, Tom Atkins and Steve Marshall. 166 more words

Schlocktoberfest IV - Day 29: Night of the Creeps

Night of the Creeps (1986)


*Spoilers Throughout*

What’s It About: By day the creeps go unnoticed but this night belongs to them! An alien slug experiment gets shot down to Earth where they dine on brains and make zombies in the process. 1,389 more words


RoboCop: The Definitive History Review

As a kid growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I distinctly remember religiously watching the original RoboCop film, recorded off of Showtime on an old VHS cassette. 793 more words


Whatever Happened To Fred Dekker?

I’ve been aware of Fred Dekker as a person for awhile now. I know that he made some cult horror movies in the ‘80s, directed an awful Robocop film, and worked with Shane Black a bit. 947 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Night of the Creeps, 1986 (dir. Fred Dekker)

Det. Ray Cameron: I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news, girls. The good news is your dates are here.
Karen: What’s the bad news?

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Movie Quote Of The Day

Night of the Creeps (1986)

Night of the Creeps is one of those horror movies I should have seen twenty-or-so years ago, but just never made the time for. No better opportunity to catch up on decades of missed horror than October, so for Day 17 of 31 Days of Horror we finally gave it a chance. 628 more words