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Bitcoin Update: Multisig

Fred Wilson offers yet another interesting update to the Bitcoin story. As you may know, Fred is a VC who is betting that bitcoin will go mainstream. 87 more words


After a blow from Apple, Nomi sells to Brickstream

Even the smallest change to Apple’s iOS platform can have a huge impact. Tiny tweaks, such as the decision to improve privacy settings on iOS8, can wipe out whole categories of app makers. 334 more words


The Creative "No"

The story so far: we know by now that great partnering is critical to produce great creativity. We might call it the Lennon/McCarntney effect.  This idea is obvious because we knew before that creativity has a profound social dimension. 475 more words

Blatant Self Promo

Bitcoin: Time to Buy?

You might have heard about bitcoin, the new digital currency. It sounds like a weird thing at first. But then again, so did computers, laptops, wifi, twitter, and a lot of other things that now are just part of the landscape. 48 more words

Random Thoughts

Winter is coming

I would be remiss to not write about Profligacy and Complacency given the warning signs coming from the likes of Bill Gurley, Fred Wilson… 734 more words


Andreessen: High burn rates risk more than just running out of cash

Earlier this month, Benchmark’s Bill Gurley and Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson weighed in on the biggest red flag in Silicon Valley. Surprisingly, it wasn’t rising valuations that had the two venture luminaries worried, but swelling burn rates and the implied lack of fear and pragmatism that they signaled among both founders and the boards and investors that back them. 777 more words


Prep Notes: Daily high school sports news


Wapahani defeated Blackford in straight sets, 25-11, 25-16, 25-13. Addie Reynolds led the team with 12 kills. Katie Foster served four aces and Shayna Webb added three aces. 401 more words