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Inaction is Tacit Approval: Why I Deleted My Uber Account

I cancelled my Uber account – not just by deleting their app from my phone but also going through the painful, hard to find process of requesting that they remove my account completely (more about that in a moment). 1,186 more words


Does the shrinking time between early stage rounds signal market bullishness or disaster planning?

Winter is coming. Maybe.

That seems to be the message being handed down from the best VCs in the game to their portfolio companies, urging opportunistic fundraising and prudence around spending. 657 more words


More on Podcasting

The other day, I posted on podcasting and today Fred Wilson offers more thoughts about it.  He and I are reacting to an article from New York Magazine… 126 more words


Bitcoin Update: Multisig

Fred Wilson offers yet another interesting update to the Bitcoin story. As you may know, Fred is a VC who is betting that bitcoin will go mainstream. 87 more words


After a blow from Apple, Nomi sells to Brickstream

Even the smallest change to Apple’s iOS platform can have a huge impact. Tiny tweaks, such as the decision to improve privacy settings on iOS8, can wipe out whole categories of app makers. 334 more words


The Creative "No"

The story so far: we know by now that great partnering is critical to produce great creativity. We might call it the Lennon/McCarntney effect.  This idea is obvious because we knew before that creativity has a profound social dimension. 475 more words

Blatant Self Promo

Bitcoin: Time to Buy?

You might have heard about bitcoin, the new digital currency. It sounds like a weird thing at first. But then again, so did computers, laptops, wifi, twitter, and a lot of other things that now are just part of the landscape. 48 more words

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