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Bubble Talk: Is There Any Substance To It?

Are we in a tech bubble? That seems to be an on-going question that naturally pops up from time to time in the start-up world when things are going rather well. 915 more words

Mr. Beck Objector

Here’s a report about some campaign “activities”:
Dear WW, 191 more words

Liar! Liar! Pants On Fire!

Brothers and sisters: WW has always stated we report the truth, not rumors or innuendo. Recently WW posted the following on June 26th. It’s in the archives for the month of June but I am going to re-post it here so that you can follow the trail. 671 more words

Liar! Liar!

Here at WW we have heard different versions of something Prez Wilson either said or did. Well, he’s been caught in another lie. Read on what “Honest Abe” has to report about  YRC: 460 more words