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There never was a woman like (Miriam Hopkins') Gilda...

Inspired by Noel Coward’s classic stage comedy of the same name, Design For Living is one of Ernst Lubitsch’s most charming – albeit overlooked – films. 853 more words

Screen Goddess

I Married A Witch (Clair, 1942) and The Imitation Game (Tyldum, 2014)

Rene Clair’s I Married a Witch is perhaps best known for one of Veronica Lake’s string of successes before her career went downhill in the ’50s and beyond. 597 more words

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956) [Full Movie]

“I want you to go in that room there, shut the door after you, and write me your autobiography in one hour. Everything you can think about yourself. 75 more words


Fredric March in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1932)

Fredric March won his first Oscar for playing Dr Henry Jekyll in the pre-code horror classic, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a good old-fashioned horror film that may be a bit dated, but is still watchable as a whole. 732 more words


A Christmas Carol (1935-1954) - Versions 1-5 of 20 - reviewed by George

1. Scrooge (1935 -1:00)

Scrooge = Sir Seymour Hicks, Cratchit = Donald Calthrop, Tiny Tim = Philip Frost, Directed by Henry Edwards

The film opens with Cratchit trying to sneak some coal. 2,138 more words