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Blog post! (9/17/2014)

I finished Parts 1-4 of Joanna Russ’s The Female Man thoroughly confused and inexplicably exhilarated. Although the prose was direct and clearly written, the narration was downright perplexing. 510 more words

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Janet, Jeanine, Jerissa, Jolissa,Janissa...Making Sense of It All

The first assigned part of The Female Man was by far one of the hardest, weirdest, and most confusing passages I’ve read in a long time. 279 more words

Let's Talk About Mindy Kaling

Everyone’s blog posts are really good and insightful and link directly back to the course material… But, like, I really like Mindy Kaling so I’m going to talk about her ? 333 more words

Ways to make money online

There is  a variety of different ways to produce income online. The first is an Affiliate Program. You can sign  up to become an Affiliate with many different company’s.  135 more words

Affiliate Programs

The Infamous Elevator

Domestic abuse is more commonplace than we as a society would like to believe. Approximately 1 in every 4 women will experience some form of domestic violence throughout their lifetimes. 435 more words

Feminism for all

Guten tag, fellow students! Today’s riveting topic will be on the two readings we were assigned, and I believe I’ll start with Feminism is for everybody… 589 more words

Make Your Blog Stand Out With This Advice

Do you want to establish an online presence for your business, giving you the potential to have followers that will buy your products? If so, then you’re in the right place. 277 more words