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Anthropolgy + Eco Feminism

Okay, so I’m taking an intro to anthropology lecture this semester. It’s super interesting and it never fails that I can connect something we’ve discussed in that lecture to any of my other classes. 206 more words

I cried, "Water!!!"

My friend Charlotte and I went to the UT Baylor game last Saturday. We had a fun time and spent the first half of the game sweating and daring each other to go up and hit on this literally hot guy in front of us. 335 more words

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Blogging on a Budget

Blogging on a Budget

- How I flipped using coupons to fund my blog -

When I decided to invest in a host company for my primary page, I did not have a lot of money. 664 more words

Aspiring Blogger

Fashionable feminism

Karl Lagerfeld designed a feminist-style, protest inspired Chanel catwalk, which took place today in Paris. He set the scene by creating an elaborate backdrop, transporting the audience to a city street. 287 more words

Tank Girl Thoughts

First of all, thanks to everyone who came to my apartment on Friday and watched Tank Girl with me and Peter! I was very worried that no one would show up… It ended up being a blast with you guys! 221 more words

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You too can have a blog! (well, maybe)

Before I started this blog I was kind of intimidated. Blogs and websites seemed mysterious. What did they look like behind the scenes?? Could a regular person understand? 718 more words

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Blog post! (9/17/2014)

I finished Parts 1-4 of Joanna Russ’s The Female Man thoroughly confused and inexplicably exhilarated. Although the prose was direct and clearly written, the narration was downright perplexing. 510 more words

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