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Taquile-Tourism with a Capital T

My Saturday in Puno was spent being as touristy as possible, taking a day trip from Puno to the Uros Islands and to Taquile Island. This tour left the hostel at 6:45am, which meant that after taking the coldest shower in the world, I only got one pancake, 2 rolls, and one cup of coffee before departure. 349 more words


Pancakes in Puno

The definition of breakfast at Puma Backpacker Hostel is apparently a pancake, two rolls, and instant coffee with canned milk. I’m super excited about the first two parts of this, and less excited about the instant and canned parts of this. 302 more words


On being a solo traveler; or I can't cancel dinner with me again

Living in New York, I’ve learned the art of feeling completely alone while surrounded by millions of people. All the eye contact you can make or smiles you can give doesn’t espouse the transient nature of human encounters. 912 more words