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Free online course for carers

Caring Counts is a self-reflection and planning course developed with and for carers. Working with carers and carer’s organisations, The Open University in Scotland has developed a… 354 more words


Karl Taylor's FREE Photography Course

If you’re starting out in photography, Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course is a great way to learn. First of all, it’s FREE! How can you beat that.  60 more words

Photography Tips

Great Online Course

This is list of great online course for your self development :

Network & Security


Sinking Decisions - An Artists Journey To Life: Day 625

So again today I was faced with a decision point that in a way has been Here all this time for the past year and has been resurfacing from time to time though the point is here again and so now I am here opening this point up again because each time that this ‘decision point’ comes up in my world, I will investigate it, sometimes more than others, and then ultimately the point will sink away into the background until it remerges again. 956 more words

Journey To Life

Operations Management?

Now that I’ve completed the Introduction to Operations Management (OM) course, I wanted to share a few things I learned and give you a flavour of what it’s all about. 578 more words

The Power of Joint Venture

What is a joint venture?
Although it is the key to increase your profit and your time off (you sell while you are doing nothing), joint venture is the biggest unused marketing technique. 309 more words