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Every breath you take

What is the longest a person can hold their breath for, and survive without obvious brain damage? No Googling… Five, ten, maybe even 15 minutes? Take a deep breath…..how about 22 minutes!? 895 more words


step away a little further!

In a small backpack, she packed all of her hopes,

unpacked the false expectation

and spare some rooms for the unimaginable.

Fully prepared to fall in love all over again in the newest adventure.

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Freediving - Silence is Golden

I recently took a course in freediving. The reasons for doing it were two fold. Firstly I have always wanted to be able to do it. 784 more words

Free Diving

10 Modern Explorers Who Pushed The Limits

There are no blank spots left on the map, no uncharted mountain ranges or unknown expanses of the oceans and seas. We’ve sent humans to all four corners of the globe and launched satellites above the sky to photograph the most remote and inaccessible areas of the planet. 1,526 more words


Hunting Halibut in Dangerous Water: NorCal Dive Report 7/25/14 and 7/27/14

After reading some very inspirational reports on the NorCalKayakAnglers forum. I pestered a friend for some intel and then proceeded to have a wildly successful weekend at the second most Great White Shark populated area in California. 761 more words



“Freediving is about silence…the silence that comes from within..”
Jacques mayol

Freediving and photography are two are my things in the world- underwater, quiet, and capturing moments. 68 more words


Free Diving or Freediving?

Diving that is free sounds like music to a scuba divers ears, except that it’s not about the cost. Freediving is about diving without a scuba unit. 254 more words

Free Diving