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Fun + Free: Mid-April Edition

Kick off your mid-April festivities tonight at Friends & Neighbors grand opening party from 7-10. There’s Tito’s vodka, food from Hillside Farmacy, and Mexican popsicles… 170 more words

A Very Busy Weekend Indeed

As if we didn’t have enough to do, what with worrying about our ongoing Kickstarter for Girl Genius Volume 13 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/girlgenius/girl-genius-volume-13-agatha-heterodyne-and-the-sl), we have a convention weekend. 501 more words

Girl Genius

the strip

In Albufeira, nightlife is dominated by a place called the Strip, a street lined with bars and nightclubs, frequented by the children.* It was recommended to us by our Oxford programme director via his kids, and we all agreed that we would be disappointed in ourselves if we didn’t go. 263 more words

Study Abroad

Fun + Free: Early April Edition

Here are a few gems I pulled up for the upcoming week. This site is still a work in progress design-wise, but I’ll still be adding content on the regular while that part gets worked on. 220 more words

Management Rules That Make No Sense #6: Remember Your Lines

Rodney, I don’t get it.


You said you have a reason for everything you do at work, right?


I don’t understand why you give the employees free soda.

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Professional Development

Why Restaurants Want to Get GRÜV-in


Even great restaurants get slow on off-peak nights, and empty tables are complete losses (Shown in the image below as “under-capacity losses”).   95 more words


The Secret to Google and Uber's Growth, and Staying Power: Viral vs “Crystalline” Growth

We all have heard about viral growth.  Something so inspiring, or funny, that most of us can’t help but tell our friends about it.  It’s a meme that spreads rapidly because it delights the “host” that it “infects.”  (Contrary to the normal connotations of “infection,” this kind of infection is welcomed; a symbiotic relationship, instead of a parasitic one.) 714 more words