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If you're anti-blackface, then you also have to be anti-transvestite -- unless you're ok being a hypocrite.

I am going to make a point by arguing both sides of an issue.

The Right Argument (R): If one has a problem with blackface, then one should also have a problem with men dressing up as women. 647 more words


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Bobby Jindal Sues MoveOn.org over Billboard Critical of His Administration

This week the Roberts Court doubled down on its arguments that political contributions are simply a form of free expression and they neither distort the electoral process nor exert a corrupting influence on our elected officials. 705 more words


Peter and Jane: the threat of the familiar

Just as Schulz and Kuligk (see post here) based their latest book loosely on an idea by Fontane, the English artist Miriam Elia based her latest work “We Go to the Gallery” on the idea of Penguin’s Peter and Jane series (released under Ladybird books). 369 more words


I'm back; Religious Negative Liberties vs. Positive Liberties

I apologize if anyone that was reading this a couple months ago was upset that I stopped posting anything, though I doubt anyone was. The reason for the silence is not that I have lost interest in the topics I intended this blog to be about. 1,106 more words

Self-expression and dogs

Telegram: “Self-expression is the rule at tattoo festival” by James F. Russell, about Massachusetts Tattoo and Art Festival:

Fiction writer D.D. Baines had a booth at the festival and was touting “Donna the Dead Presents Sex Ed.

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Free Expression

A Bill Proposal for Congress

What follows is a bill that I would like our nation’s (federal) Congress to pass:


Whereas this country has not yet lived up to its dreams of reasonable freedom and shared prosperity, 647 more words


"But the joke perpetuates a stereotype." So?

One argument against “offensive humor” (a redundant term — humor is inherently offensive) is that a certain joke perpetuates a stereotype. My response is the following: … 560 more words


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