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The City: 087: Faiza

Faiza had a long day.  The train had been late, her office had been a madhouse, the train had been late again.  There were weird rumors circulating, and cops everyplace.  70 more words

The City

The City: 086: Trevor

“Good evening, I’m Trevor Hollingsworth.”  He looked into the camera and made his grave face.  “Public health officials are warning users to refrain from logging in to popular computer program “The City,” as rumors of widespread ‘Boot Syndrome’ are sweeping the globe.  58 more words

The City

The Bazaar: Chapter 40

Faisal’s Nightmare

Faisal didn’t immediately perceive the missile impact. He couldn’t feel it and he couldn’t immediately see it, either, what with the FLIR camera being mounted on the underside of the fuselage. 297 more words


Free Fiction Friday: Men Make the Worst Monsters

“I have a family,” the man babbles as he’s dragged into the hut that serves as our prison.

I look up with only mild interest. My head swims from the heat and lack of water. 4,729 more words


The City: 085: Alba

Alba watched the gunman from her window, and wondered if a boot gun could shoot through glass.  She watched the rest of the people in coats cover the other exits and pull their own boot guns. 67 more words

The City

Flash Friday 23/01/2014: Cookies or Ice Cream

His mother said to pick one treat–cookies or ice cream–but he wanted both.

“But you can’t have both,” Susan said. “That’s what people two times your width do.” 587 more words

Flash Friday

The City: 084: Carlo

Carlo watched the gunman boot his boss.  It was the first time he’d ever seen anyone booted before, and it was surreal.  He fired, and the bullet, a black dot streaking faster than the eye could follow, lashed out and struck Joseph in the back.  56 more words

The City