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Friday Flasher: "All Shook Up"

Last weekend’s Flash Frenzy entry over at Angry Hourglass was based on this photo (taken by Ashwin Rao):

Here’s the 360 words I did with it (and I wasn’t the only one who saw Elvis in there somewhere): 376 more words

Flash Fiction

Dry Spell - Free Fiction from Russ Linton

Vlad sat on a bench designed to be uncomfortable. Centuries ago when his body circulated blood and his muscles were pliable, he’d have complained. Or, more likely, never submitted himself to such common appointments. 1,464 more words

Short Story

Free Fiction Friday: Blood Trail part 12

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Part 8: http://samaustinwriter.wordpress.com/2014/09/27/free-fiction-friday-blood-trail-part-8/ 1,345 more words


It's Coming....

The Haunted House of Manlove Flash Fiction Blog Hop

October 26-34, 2014

photo credit: Elephi Pelephi via photopin cc

The City: 020: Floyd

The Meal Delivery Truck arrived at the house on time for breakfast.  Floyd readied the tray and rang the bell.  Sandra was one of his favorite clients.  73 more words


Flash Friday 24/10/2014: Lightning Delivery

When Harry opened the door, he did not expect to see a cult on the other side.

“Greetings.” The man at the forefront of the cult said. 618 more words

Flash Friday

The City: 019: Melinda

Melinda looked into the camera like it was the face of every one of her hundred-million viewers.
“Once again, our top story this morning:  Augustus Sizemore, CEO and Majority Stockholder of Midas Corp has reportedly sold his shares and is stepping down from his role as management.  52 more words