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Free Fiction Friday: part 20

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Part 8: http://samaustinwriter.wordpress.com/2014/09/27/free-fiction-friday-blood-trail-part-8/ 1,494 more words


The City: 060: Douglas

“Let’s bring in our Tech Corespondent on this point.  Douglas, could a train in The City kill a person?”  Douglas pushed the glasses up on his nose. 75 more words


Flash Friday 19/12/2014: Mummy Matters

As soon as three explorers entered the crypt, the mummy behind the stone desk stirred for the first time in three thousand years.

“Ah!” The mummy beamed a smile through the only visible part of his body; the eyes. 995 more words

Flash Friday

The City: 059: Starla

“If I may,” said the American woman live on feed from Virginia.
“Yes, Ms. Roberts, Go ahead.”
“I’m at the home of Sandra Davis, a City user who was discovered dead early this morning.  66 more words


The City: 058: Jonathan

Jonathan scoffed.  “A few cases, Doctor?  The City has a user base of over a billion people!  It has been running for over five years, and since the beginning, proper use of Logout Housing has effectively proven that the technology running The City is safe and reliable.  53 more words


Added PRIDE'S CHILDREN - Chapter 17, Scene 5

This week’s post is Chapter 17, Scene 5 (1.17.5), the end of Chapter 17.

I’m excited. My beta reader had good things to say – and not too many complaints – about Chapter 18’s revision. 227 more words

CFS - Living And Writing With ME/CFS/CFIDS

The City: 057: Ophira

Ophira sat back in her chair and tried not to look contemptuous as the host, an idiot, she decided at the first, worked his way to a halfway intelligent question.  71 more words