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Wyrd Calling - Angel Feathers.

Wyrd Calling opens the Wyrd Bound series with Thalia being dragged back to her role as Wyrd Bound. What on Earth does that mean? Wyrd Bound means that she was quite literally made by the Wyrd Sisters (the Norse fates) to help them keep balance. 1,247 more words

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The City: 040: Gene

Gene was the last member of the board to arrive. The retired entertainer was used to making people wait for him, so he was not particularly bothered by the ten pairs of glaring eyes staring daggers at him.  63 more words


The City: 039: Linda

Linda patted Trey’s arm in what she wanted to project as a grandmotherly way.  Not that she’d have ever touched him in real life, but the gesture was for the cameras each of them had secreted about their persons as if it was.  58 more words


The City: 038: Trey

Trey took his rightful seat at the head of the table.  A few of the others had already arrived, mostly tech hotshots and other youngsters.  Sizemore was not among them.  71 more words


Added PRIDE'S CHILDREN - Chapter 17, Scene 1

This week’s post begins Chapter 17, with Scene 1 (1.17.1).

The latest logjam has found its key link – I don’t know why my backbrain keeps wanting to go deeper into the subject matter of scenes as I get closer to the end of Book 1, but it does, and you don’t argue with your backbrain.

66 more words
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Sail: Chapter Eight

Sail: Chapter Eight

Emmy knew Jonathan was gorgeous and sexy but hadn’t realized just how much until they met at the JFK the following morning. His black polo shirt brought out his eyes and gave a hint of the lean muscle in his arms. 673 more words


The City: 037: Kat

Kat was the first to arrive.  She passed the intern going out, and gave him a friendly little smile.  She had the freedom because no one else was looking.  71 more words