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Free Fiction Friday: Moonlight Madness

“This is a bad idea Roy,” Clem says for about the thousandth time.

I huff and concentrate on not stepping on dry leaves as we walk further into the forest. 7,725 more words


Oranges (Part 5 of 10)

After her first “fainting spell,” Andie barely slept for a week. She couldn’t focus on anything. Her head hurt and her eyes felt like snowballs crammed into her skull. 920 more words


Flash Friday 18/04/2014: Over For A Bite

Being a cynical old couple, Trevor and Janet were hard to spook. This is why neither of them budged as they entered the front hall of Castle Dread, causing the two large metal doors to slam behind them. 1,002 more words

Flash Friday

Good Eats: The Deluxe Edition FREE on Amazon 4/17-4/18/14

Attention all horror fans: Good Eats: The Deluxe Edition by Elle Chambers is free on Amazon starting April 17th and ending Friday the 18th. Don’t miss this sale! 139 more words

Dark Fiction

The Bazaar: Chapter 3

Fulton’s Folly

Someone knocked.

Emily nodded to Luis.

The translator welcomed the new arrival in the local dialect. The man he invited into the room was physically unremarkable. 658 more words


Sexy Snippet Sunday

As part of my new attempts at bringing you more here, like the Fangirl Friday posts, I’d like to introduce Sexy Snippet Sunday. I borrowed the title from… someone (I can’t remember who, I’m sorry!) though I m sure it’s one of my fellow authors. 573 more words


Oranges (Part 4 of 10)

“It seems a little strange, that’s all.” Bobby was on the couch, his bad leg propped up and a pile of pillows carefully arranged around him. 1,497 more words