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Side Dishes

Who goes to a restaurant to order a side dish? Do you?

There’s this term young girls have coined to rather simplify the notion of adultery and fornication it irritates me every time I hear it uttered. 504 more words

Free Flow

shirk in the corner of an open heart...

my heart’s exploding from tonight’s workshop all about heart opening.  why, uni, why?  you open me and then send me right to the conversation with the barista about the sexual injustice of that country he visited.   344 more words

Creative Writing

(walang pang pamagat...)

Nagkita na naman tayo,

Ang tagal ko ring nalayo,

Hindi man lamang nakasilip,

Napatagal yata ang pagkaidlip.

Sumbungan sa bawat pighati,

Tagapayapa sa kumukulong budhi, 55 more words




Stop it now. I said stop it. Don’t. Don’t do it!

When Ugandans decided to blog, there was simply two feelings, alright, and… 406 more words


Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I am rather fascinated at the religiousness with which this show is watched at home. Puzzled in fact at how my mother begs us to set the timer for it. 478 more words

Free Flow

october 9th, free flow mediation...compassion junkie notes differences...

here i am.  fogging beautiful morning.  weird dreams about living in florida with my parents, and trying to teach a science class, and also being in school and almost failing a science class, and weirdness.   1,652 more words



I don’t even know how to feel about what others are feeling sometimes, but I will live, I suppose
All I know is that I’m friendly, I’m me, I love to read, and I’m dark. 173 more words