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In the French language, every noun has a specific gender, many things are either masculine or feminine, it did create some confusion for me when I was trying to learn it. 485 more words

Free Flow

Train Doors

The train doors of the Hong Kong MTR close at a fairly fast speed, many times we witness how the doors separate people that were supposedly together. 137 more words

Free Flow


“I adore money!” An entrepreneurial friend shared with me a famous quote from one of their new employees. “Very good, simple and straightforward!” I said. When someone loves money this much, it’s always a good thing for the boss, as you know creating incentives for this person is almost effortless. 216 more words

Free Flow

For the artist

Artists move and breathe and create in worship. I notice them on the stages in so many worship concerts, and I am envious. And in the painting and colors and swirls and whirls of their brush, I see me longing to describe the words that are so wrapped up in my mind. 805 more words


Diving In

Bear grizzly adams running down the long dirt road into the forest. He didn’t know what he was going to do but he knew that he had to do it. 364 more words


My Reality

My Reality

     Abba, you dwell inside of me

          My Reality

       For the galaxies and universe

               Swirl, vortexes of regeneration

           Deep in my veins, my soul… 91 more words


Ready for Action - Creative Writing Piece

For this I just wrote without structure and allowed the words to flow. Here’s the result…

Jane strolled aimlessly along the lonely pathway. The murky water of the river beside her was still as the midday sun reflected in its centre. 338 more words