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When you are gone

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When you are gone, my mind remembers. Maybe that seems too simple to be profound. I get lost sometimes in the scientific surety of knowing of our randomness, our animal anatomy, our pure dumb luck of existence. 198 more words


As an Aside

As an aside, I currently have an open channel with the universe, and I am typing according to what I have been told to type. What follows is a sequence of true streaming through the void that we call pincushion paradise for the sake of otherwise stumpy bodies dangling and remaining like a sardine tin of vague proportions. 47 more words



Takatak takatak,
Muling pumatak,
Mga daliring pagod,
Utak na nalulunod…

Mga mata’y nanatiling mulagat,
Mga tupang binibilang, nawala, sumibat,
Isip ay magulo, parang halo-halo,
Dinaig pa nito, mga bola sa bingo… 23 more words


Hikbi ng Tinta

Kaytagal naghintay, sa wakas dumating,
Anghel na kaykisig, may ngiting kaylambing,
Hinaplos ang puso, sadyang nahumaling,
Anyong pangarap, nais langing kapiling…


Sa langit na kaytaas at lupang kaytigas, 79 more words



Another day … survive this one too
Another day… tough hearts will go through
Another day…see the hue when feeling blue
Another day… patiently wait and see what’s due… 45 more words


Thought Process: Prof. Mahmood Mamdani

Back in 2011 or is it 2012, when I was at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) or commonly known as the Faculty of Tech(nology), Makerere University, I represented the students of CEDAT at one of the International Conventions on science and technology at The Imperial Resort Hotel. 1,099 more words

Free Flow


There’s a monster that still resides with me. Only now, it doesn’t live under my bed or in my partially ajar closet in the thick of the night. 189 more words