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Boston Strong, Boston Happy

I desperately wanted to play hooky from my responsibilities on Monday to┬ástay home and watch the live stream of the Boston Marathon. I was a good girl though, and had to satisfy myself later in the day with watching this clip of the men’s finish (via… 135 more words


H like hope, health and humans.

Hello Beautiful Readers !

I am still bed ridden and quite weak and sleeping and recovering slowly from that nasty bit of virus that hit my system. 178 more words


Triumph Thursday

There is so much goodness in the world. There truly is, and there are people who seek it out and then share it with others. 16 more words

Free Hugs and The Art of Burning Like Fabulous Yellow Roman Candles

I’ve always been enamored by idealists, the dreamers. The mind-speakers. The norm challengers and status-quo re-writers. The people of second and 99th chances.
The ones who stomp in puddles and sing in the rain while everyone else is inside dry, waiting for the clouds to pass. 1,620 more words


What better way to stretch, expand and grow than to give free hugs to strangers? That is how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Every month I meet with an amazing group of women. 424 more words

Positive Living

The Team Neko Guide to Con Etiquette - Part 2 : Glomps, Tackles and Free Hugs

Glomps, Tackles and Free Hugs aren’t as wide spread as they used to be in the convention scene these days. However, if you regularly attend an event like MCM Comic Con, then you’ll know that there are still problems associated with things like these. 968 more words