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Shrug - clothing and shoulders!

I am knitting a shrug for my little girl.  I also have to admit to a bashful shrug of my shoulders.

I have been knitting on and off for decades now, as in plural  But, and here goes, I have never been a strong fan of actually sewing up knitted items.   295 more words


how to make Hearty Links with Felted Loops . . . together with another fun visit from the Orples ♥

Well it’s been a while, since that summery September post when I first mentioned my plans to be back “soon” with this next step to making hearty garland felted loop links. 275 more words

Knitting Fun

For the Love of Cleanliness, simple knit heart washcloth pattern

I enjoy knit washcloths.  They seem to be more durable than most regular washcloths, and they are a fun way to add a bit of homemade fun throughout the home.   357 more words

Baby clothes sizing nightmare

I’m having a hard time finding out the right sizes to knit and sew baby clothes.

Maybe there are none. Maybe because each baby is different, there’s no universal truth when it comes to sizes. 149 more words


Brrrrrr... It's cold outside!

So I woke up this morning to a really heavy frost – think it was about -5 degrees outside, which is pretty cold for Southern Britain. 287 more words

Una Cosettina Pattern Overhaul & Promotional Give-Away !

‘Una Cosettina’ has had a bit of an overhaul in recent winter weeks.  I have knit up several more variations on the original design from nearly a year ago. 371 more words

Jenjoyce Design

Cara Ear Warmer -- Free Knitting Pattern

I really love ear warmers! I have extremely thick hair, and on a cold winter day it is nearly impossible to tame it enough to shove under a hat. 744 more words

Free Knitting Pattern