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Freshly fallen, itinerant fruits.

Social networking in a cafe society of extra long coffees and the competitive sourcing of complementary, plug socket juice points. Itinerant hot-deskers drifting from cafe to cafe, free lancers, tech armoury in hand, weaving through a free range orchard of freshly fallen, ripened alloy fruits, nestling amongst paper leaved menus and bowled mounds of browned, sugary crystals. 80 more words


What is a professional blog?

As mentioned in my previous blog I’m trying to get into the whole free lance writing thing because being broke and looking for a job with an empty resume got pretty tiring and anyone can go back through my many posts about marching through miles of snow to interviews I knew I wouldn’t get. 201 more words


In which I realise that any job is better than no job

After only one week the supermarket job I was so embarrassed about, is starting to lift my spirits. It is only reluctantly that I took this part-time job; the dynamic personnel manager played no small role in enlisting me. 281 more words


Global Elites Summer Programme

Over the summer I joined a summer programme in Hong Kong called Global Elites and became one of the organising committees. I was mostly in charge of the designs of different publications. 169 more words

Free Lance

Is it ever a good career move to take a minimum wage job?

Job hunting is not easy at fifty-six. The interesting job with a reasonable wage has eluded me for a few years now. It is nobody’s fault but my own: I have settled into a lazy life of occasional free-lance work. 573 more words