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Nuclear Iran: The Role of Islam and Capitalism

I discuss Iran’s economic future in respect to the recent nuclear talks for the Acton Institute.

Iran not only has the potential to flourish as a global economic powerhouse, but it is its destiny to reclaim its past economic glory as the Persian Empire, if its leaders bestow it the “gift of capitalism” citizens can again flourish  in global and domestic open exchange.

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Sid Ryan - Pumping the Union Cuddly

Inside the Labour Campaign That Stopped Hudak


A little math: 50% of eligible Ontario voters is say 4.6M people – of which 1.3M work in the public sector.   85 more words


"We need conservatism now more than ever"

Found this article from the January 4th issue of the The Spectator and I thought I would share it with my followers. You’re welcome.

Stand up for the real meaning of freedom…

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Response to Thomas Picketty and Mises' "The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality" by Andrew B. Wilson

I recently had the pleasure of reading this essay at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute website. While I agree with at least some of the general gist of the piece I found the parts I disagreed with worthy of commenting on. 1,336 more words


Corporatist Lobbying Replaced a Free Market

Source: BATR

The practice of a pure free market is so rare that a plausible argument can be made that a free market economy never existed. 263 more words


The Magic of Capitalism


I am a Disney fanatic. I’ll admit it with no shame. I grew up watching the movies (Aladdin and Lion King were and are my favorites) as well as visiting the parks. 820 more words

Oh, You Think You Have a Choice Now?

I don’t think people realize how awesome the market is. And it is not some scary force you have no control over, we are the market! 171 more words