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The Newest Age of Belief

Shortly after Darwin’s Origin of Species made its debut here in the U.S. there was a mighty debate. The core of the debate was the contest between Christian scripture that insisted that the perfect man, Adam, had been created and we were the descendants who were becoming more and more, well, less perfect and evolution that says that man is capable of improvement over time (although it is not required) and that a more capable man was coming in the future. 488 more words


Ted Nugent has enough fans plays live today?

This revisionist history in rock n roll music btw, must stop now because come one everyone….his (Ted Nugent) music has not been relevant ever if you consider that even when had that hit song at that time in i dunno…’75 (seventies some time), it sucked and real rock fans and any people in rock and roll at that time thought it was pussy music then….Cat Scratch fever? 1,087 more words

Don Lichterman

Faith and the Free Market Expelled from Iraq’s Garden of Eden

I explain the pertinence of international action in Iraq’s current crisis.

If the world stands by, not only will the light of Christianity be darkened, but the black flag of ISIS will cloak any hope of political and economic freedom in the birthplace of humanity – Iraq – once home to the Garden of Eden.

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Faith and the Artisan Economy

A follow up to my piece “Stewardship through Vocational Education.”

I recently detailed the relationship between stewardship and the use of one’s God given gifts through vocational jobs as a path toward human flourishing.

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What have I done for the environment lately? Torn about personal and broader social change

I have to confess I am torn. I’m torn by my feelings of not doing enough and a frustration that my efforts are a complete waste of time. 1,316 more words

Blind Consumption, by Florencia Gennaro

As we approach the end of our time in Cambodia, I realize that I will leave here with more questions that answers. I will leave questioning my place in the world and what I want my contribution to the world to be. 887 more words