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The Great Minimum Wage Divide

Why Minimum Wage Laws Aren’t Just for Workers with the Lowest Wages


While contrary to my views on minimum wage increases, I posted this to simply ask the question: Given corporations large and small are unsure what government policy is going to erupt next (in this economy) – they sit on their money as much as possible. 32 more words

Government Fury

Should the NFL Keep the Blackout Rule?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently been under pressure regarding the NFL’s sports blackout rule: While politicians are pushing the FCC to eliminate the rule, the NFL is lobbying to keep it in place. 85 more words


Bolstering Bad Business

There should be a separation of business and government. When, like now, that separation doesn’t exist, bad things can and will happen. It is no secret that government run programs often fall victim to the worst in economic practices. 335 more words


The cost of kidneys

It’s not infinite as some people might think, given the restricted supply. No, even with black market prices, it’s only about $200,000

We need to make selling organs legal! 99 more words