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US tied for 12th in most recent Economic Freedom Ratings


That’s a link to the article describing the way the metric was composed. If you only read the first chapter, I think you’ll find the article quite fascinating. 82 more words

Limited Government

It’s Upsetting That Financial District Residents Tried to Stop Denny’s Restaurant from Moving In

In addition to being an operations management professional, I am also a lover and believer of and in freedom and free markets. As such, I was shocked to see that residents of the financial district in NYC were suing to stop a Denny’s restaurant from moving in. 323 more words


Governor Cuomo, a Friedmanomics Devotee

Diane Ravitch posted the following commentary on New York Governor Cuomo on her blog:  http://dianeravitch.net/2014/10/28/cuomo-promises-more-charter-schools-tougher-teacher-evaluations-after-election/.   Her posting references a New York Daily News article entitled “Cuomo will push new teacher evaluations, vows to bust school ‘monopoly’ if re-elected” … 155 more words

Corporate Education Reform

More than 1,400 Non-Citizens on NC Voting Rolls

A new audit has discovered over 1,400 registered voters on North Carolina’s voting rolls are likely not citizens of the United States.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections…

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Illegal Immigration/illegal Aliens

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Hey this is what the Progressives and George Soros want "Open Borders' so as long as you are here during election time (longer is better you get to vote more times) you should be able to vote with no ID or restrictions.

Details Of Government Spying/Hacking and Bugging Of Sharyl Attkisson Begin To Surface....

This has been an interesting story since it first surfaced in May of 2013.  Sharyl has been tight lipped since she announced knowing who had bugged her back in June of 2013.   339 more words

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As a former US Army Captain and Greet Beret (WIA Nam '67) I understand National Security better than most. My "expert" opinion (I have multiple degrees and studied political Philosophy) is that that the biggest threat to our constitution and our way of life is the uncontrolled spying on American citizens which were authorized by the Patriot Act and wording added in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Edward Snowden was right in what he did to warn us and I consider him a Patriot for that act. What the NAS is doing is the biggest threat to our liberty that there is today not the ISIS or Ebola or a president that only play golf. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying ... Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

On Dealing with business:

Here in the sates we sure do care a lot about business. From bit to small, mom and pop operation to GM, and every one in between. 909 more words

After School


FEC vice chair Ann Ravel (D) wants to regulate internet ads: “A reexamination of the commission’s approach to the internet and other emerging technologies is long overdue.” 145 more words


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The only surprise here is that its taken them this long to get to the point that they can do this. I would guess by 2016 they will be a lot more regulations on what you can say --- the First amendment is now in practice gone!