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U.S. Dept. of Education Rakes In Billions Off Student Debt

‘The student loan program isn’t about helping students or borrowers—it’s about making profits for the federal government.’

By Lauren McCauley | April 16, 2014

Critics blasted the U.S. 378 more words


The Old Road

Many people have been discussing Thomas Piketty’s book Capital In The 21st Century lately. As they should. It is a very important contribution to the fight against economic inequality. 431 more words


Cheryl Strayed: Wild

This best-selling memoir relates Cheryl Strayed’s 1995 1100-mile Pacific Crest Trail hike, from lower California through Oregon. I’d urged it on one of my book groups, but an outdoorsy member objected vehemently: “You… 731 more words


The Hayekian Uncertainty Principle

Along with Schrödinger’s Cat, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle stands as one of the most popular aspects of quantum mechanics. In its most simplified form, the principle states that it is impossible to determine the position and momentum of a subatomic particle such as an electron at the same time. 317 more words


The Loan Paid Back with NO Interest: Why the Income Tax is Theft

My father would always say to me “It is hard to get excited over a tax return, which is essentially you receiving money back from the government for a forced loan. 479 more words

Free Markets

My Ideas, My Boss’s Property

In these agreements, companies demand that employees, from those in low-level manufacturing positions to design engineers and creative workers, sign away all their innovations, and the knowledge they will acquire during the course of employment, and refrain from competing with their employer post-employment, whether that means taking a new job with a competitor or starting their own company.

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Good Grief