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The Christian and Economics ….

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To order the complete Economics for Everybody… 121 more words


What Westeros Can Tell Us About Free Markets

**Mild spoilers for this week’s episode of Game of Thrones follow.**

In case you didn’t know, I’m a giant nerd. So it’s no surprise that I’m totally obsessed with… 1,137 more words

Shut Up, He Explained Again | WSJ.com | + bonus Ben Carson

Mr. Taranto is in finest form today with “Shut Up, He Explained Again“:

Blogress Ann Althouse astutely observes that Obama skipped “bargaining,” perhaps “because he doesn’t want his party to have to bargain with the other side.” She is put off by the analogy:

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Free Markets

A Tale of Two Cities' Gentrification

“Gentrification: A Process by which middle-class people take up residence in a traditionally working-class area of a city, changing the character of an area.”

As a passionate-but-open-to-debate-and-possible-change Libertarian of upwards of 10 years, I don’t believe gentrification to be a negative concept. 1,636 more words



An interesting question came up yesterday.

During a conversation with an associate I was asked to define Socialism.  And, then explain why I think it’s bad. 1,079 more words

Rods and Koans

Each cause is the effect of its own effect – Ibn Arabi

OK Soul Rebels,

I started writing today with something like “implicit in the concept of Western free market democracy is the notion that resources belonging to the 3rd World and indigenous populations be commandeered and appropriated for use” but figured ah what the heck, it’s Friday, we could all use a dross cleanser. 321 more words