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Inciting Conditionals

Third and mixed conditionals are a pain in the neck for most students. Too many damn words in the sentence. But it’s a bit easier to deal with when it’s an “I wish” statement which is a sort of third conditional. 285 more words


Phrasal Verbs with Total Physical Response

Phrasal verbs, universally hated, but here are a few that can be taught using TPR as a start to give learners some kind of hook for retention. 248 more words


Annie’s Song by John Denver

This song might not be the latest One Direction but I’ve never known it not evoke some mush in students of any age and then prompt some nice creative writing and student generated language.  504 more words


Auxiliary Noughts and Crosses

Students always have problems asking short questions with auxiliary verbs.

Do they? Yes.

These questions that show interest, surprise or just keep a conversation going are vital when you can’t think of anything to say (or need time to think how to say it). 517 more words


Social Media Materials and Fun Things

Since heading up my library’s social media campaign, I’ve developed a lot of different promotional materials (some much better then others).  I also have our test prep section and do a lot to promote those materials and our online study help.   270 more words


IT Skills quiz

This lesson is to reinforce the vocabulary used when using Office software in English, with particular reference to Word and Excel. I assume most students will know how the programmes operate. 225 more words


Pictures to use for past continuous vs past simple: Interruptions

These are just prompts to provoke sentences in the target structure of using past simple to interrupt continuous actions in the past. There’s no lesson plan as such. 260 more words