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Flash Fiction Monday - A Roll in the ... Straw?

A Roll in the … Straw?

Bobby let the screen door slam behind him as he strode toward the horse barn.  Where in the hell was Van?  527 more words



I’ve officially started a review page for reviews regarding The Water Travelers. Thank you, those of you who have reviewed the book. For those of you who haven’t, and want your reviews to be seen, review the book and I’ll add it to the list! 91 more words


Yeah Write # 197 entry- Bottom Bitch

Bottom Bitch

By Shannon

Someplace in the dark that girl is crying. I understand, of course. The dark is thick, hot and holds evil in it. 345 more words


Flash Fiction Monday - The Bet

 The Bet

“I won!” Reuben crowed as he pulled on his underwear.  “HA! In your face, Cliff, I won!”

Cliff doubled over, laughing.  “I can’t believe you streaked through the neighborhood naked.  555 more words


-Totally Free Read- Kató Lomb's "Polyglot: How I Learn Languages"

Kató Lomb was a famous polyglot and interpreter. She was also a riot.
Lomb, who by her own account was sufficiently proficient in 16 languages to earn money with them, attempted to explain teacher-driven language-learning with an old Hungarian joke. 647 more words
Ádám Szegi

Flash Fiction Monday - Tangled


“C’mon Jesse, let’s walk the dogs!” Vincent chirped, his tone alarmingly cheerful for someone who’d only had five hours of sleep.

Jesse buried his head against the pillow with a groan.  603 more words


Hide and Seek: Part Sixteen

Hide and Seek: Part Sixteen

Esme sunk slowly into the couch as if it would be enough to cushion her from the turmoil that roiled in her gut. 720 more words