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The Dragon's Kin (part 18)

Read parts 1-17 here.

“We’ll settle here for the night,” Lady Silva said, as she led them off the road and into a small patch of grass surrounded by trees. 341 more words


A Humpless Humpday Short

You’ve got to admit it. There is such a thing as too much sex, even for a voracious erotic romance reader. So today’s free short is pure romance. 106 more words

The Dragon's Kin (part 17)

Just a short installation today, everyone. I’m not feeling 100% and it’s hard to make my brain come up with anything to write. Just one of those days… thankfully, the weekend’s almost here! 211 more words


Conclusion of "Still Waters Run Deep" Is Posted

Just a quick post today, because I am so busy it’s ridiculous. Let this be a lesson to the wise: Do not try to juggle furniture and appliance deliveries from two stores, renovations (even if someone else is doing them), interior decorating, landscaping, shopping/errands/discussions to support all of the above, plus the usual life stuff, all at the same time. 122 more words


The Dragon's Kin (part 16)

Read parts 1-15 here.

“Lo, lo, and on we go, a-headin to the mountains,” Big Tom sang in a booming voice.

“Are you trying to alert the whole kingdom of our presence, sir?” 363 more words


The Dragon's Kin (part 15)

Read parts 1-14 here.

The woman looked at them, her black eyes narrowed in suspicion. When she first saw them, her hand had flown to her sword’s hilt, where it now rested. 588 more words


The Dragon's Kin (Part 14)

Read parts 1-13 here.

They woke at dawn and began their ride. Their plan was to stop at the next town and beg for food. 434 more words