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Using a public Amazon EC2 Image on your account

Recently I have been in the need of having an image of Amazon Web services EC2 (Stand for Elastic Computing). Amazon was a pioneer in the offer of VPS, other companies have step up like Rackspace, Microsoft and Google. 282 more words

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Python on the College Scene

Python is the most frequently taught programming language in introductory computer science classes. There are many universities and colleges training students in Python, as well as many online classes to help introduce new people to coding, via Python. 36 more words

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Once More: 'Intellectual Property' Breeds Confusion; Drop it

Rarely, if ever, does the term ‘intellectual property’ add clarity to any debate of substance–very often, this is because it includes the term ‘property’ and thus offers an invitation to some dubious theorizing. 656 more words


Richard Stallman's Free Software TED Talk

Basically an amalgamation of some of his other talks, condensed into a nice format.

I pretty much agree with him, except on Software as a Service.  79 more words


Microsoft to offer windows 9 for free to Windows 8 users

A Microsoft executive has confirmed that Windows 9 will be made available as a free upgrade for Windows 8 users.

There has been much speculation over how much Windows 9 will cost when it launches in 2015, with many reports claiming that the new OS would be free to certain existing Windows users. 185 more words


Free Open Source Graphics Applications: Gimp

GIMP has been called “The Poor Man’s Photoshop.” I never really used Photoshop much, so I’m not sure how it compares. I have heard complaints from regular Photoshop users about having to relearn how to do everything, which is the same issue I would have switching from GIMP. 217 more words

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The project ‘zws’ (Zepto Web Server).

Zepto Web Server is a tiny open source HTTP web server well-written in C that can handle simple HTTP requests and serve information in HTML… 325 more words

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