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The Catholic Church and Adam and Eve

The Catholic Church faces a real conundrum; on the one hand they do accept much of evolution and the things that it implies. They do accept that much of the Old Testament is nothing but allegory, the Noachian Flood was not real, the earth (and universe) is billions of years old…not 6000, etc.. 272 more words


Speak free: Part 1 - Pornography

I am amazed that we live in a society where people are still afraid/ashamed to admit they do watch and maybe enjoy porn. I get it, it’s not a conversation starter – … 707 more words


Destroying America

The things that the Reverend Barber is railing against here are the favorite projects of the Republican Party nowadays. They do not help America anymore, they are destroying it piece by piece. 233 more words


My Rights Too

The Supreme Court has decided that 1st Amendment rights trump, well…everything else. A decision made by the court yesterday suggests that the right of abortion clinics to enforce buffer zones, between clinics (clients) and anti-abortion protesters, infringes on the 1st Amendment rights of those protesters. 161 more words


Take Action: Don't Let The Government Spy On You

Senate Bill S.2219 would allow the government to spy on your internet and telephone activities. They would also be able to monitor radio and television. The intent of this is to stop so called “Hate Speech”.  240 more words

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