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Bill Maher, Charlie Hebdo, Carol Swain & Free Speech

When American Constitution was being written, Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” In 2012, Charlie Hebdo’s Stephane Charbonnier said, “I prefer to die standing than live on my knees.” Two weeks ago, he lived, and died at the hands of radical Islamists standing for what he believed in, the freedom of speech. 2,923 more words


Pope: "Freedom of Speech Has Limits"

The poop doing more evil.

Lots more evil.

Facts for the intelligent:

—  freedom of speech trumps ALL

—  churchs should stick to religion

—  the catholic church/vatican has no power… 56 more words


Je suis charlie, êtes-vous? Politically Incorrect, The Warren Markowitz Show, 1/13/2015

Je suis charlie,  êtes-vous?

Has the world finally awoken from the plague that is religious terror? Are we to finally begin calling it what it is or shall we follow our illustrious leader, and fraudulent Nobel Prize Winner and ignore the obvious. 136 more words


Conspicuous: Je suis Charlie

Porque a liberdade de expressão é um direito de todos que não deve ser suprimido por motivo algum. A irracionalidade de alguns infelizmente custa a vida a muitos. 55 more words


Thoughts on the Paris Attacks

Today’s attack at satirical newspaper Hebdo’s headquarters in Paris, France is truly barbaric. 3 gunmen left 12 dead. Why? All because earlier in 2011 the newspaper had ran 3 editions with pictures depicting the prophet Muhammad. 283 more words

Free Speach

Diane Rehm (1936)

You may have heard her voice… Unless you’ve tuned in when she’s opted for a guest host because her voice is out of commission.

Diane Rehm has hosted American Public Radio’s “Diane Rehm” show since 1984.  217 more words