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Hacker Group Anonymous Reportedly Seeks To Release Film “The Interview” If Sony Declines To Do So

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Hacktivism seems to be taking place in the aftermath of Sony declining to release The Interview. The Interview portrays a comic plot to assassinate North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. 399 more words


Court Of Appeals Denies First Amendment Right Exists For Condom Use In California Pornography Industry

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

We previously discussed HERE the concern that condom requirements imposed upon the adult film industry would have a chilling effect on the First Amendment but a court challenge to the public health compelling interest of the state likely would prevail. 875 more words

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Where did "free speech" come from?

There is an impression, widely disseminated by supporters of the Obama administration, that renewing “diplomatic relations” and/or freer trade with Cuba (i.e., the lifting of the embargo) will lead to an improvement in the human rights situation there. 616 more words


Even the Rich Can Enjoy High-Efficiency Capitalism

Stirling (1921-2013)



Even many within the 1% should be willing to accept High-Efficiency Capitalism where there is no poverty, and people compete for… 476 more words


Article from Carolyn Leckie: The burning issue that is freedom of expression

Having the free space to challenge opinion and perceived convention is key to progress in politics, the movement for civil liberties, in business and generally in all aspects of life.   910 more words


Free Speech Can Survive Cyber Terrorism?

The interview started out as the type of film that I would watch if there was nothing better to see, and not one I would rush to see on the day it came out.  1,058 more words

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Shami Witness and the War on Ideas

One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas. ~ French novelist and poet, Victor Hugo (Les Misérables)

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