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Young Fearless Free Spirit

Today’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: young, old, or anything to do with age. 

When I was young I was fearless! I mean really truly fearless and as wild and free-spirited as an unbroken pony. 417 more words


Jedward Grow Up

Jedward have beards shocker! Well, John at least. And why not? The twins are 23 in less than 2 months, and we’ve been treated to some facial fuzz in the past, mostly stubbly stuff that gets shaved off straight away, but here we have evidence of a few days’ growth. 189 more words


Speak Like a Native

With Free Spirit and other Jedward videos being shown on MTV around the world, as fans we need to be multilingual.  Thankfully, if we’re not, there are a lot of native speakers who can help out.  1,815 more words


Where to Request Free Spirit on the Radio (mostly UK but some others)

A number of radio stations have been very receptive to Free Spirit, with many adding it to their playlist, and more open to playing it when requested. 422 more words


Style Inspiration: Summer to Fall High School Seniors photoshoot

Inspired by one of my High School Senior Model Reps, Delaney.

She loves her combat boots! And I love styling Senior photoshoots

with clothes that my seniors love, feel good in and, as Delaney… 81 more words

Style & Beauty

Switzerland to Italy

9 Aug – Free Spirit Lodge

Beep beep, it’s 6am, time to get up! After taking so long to get to this place yesterday, we have a longer drive today and want to get there a little earlier than last night. 361 more words



Dear world,
“So go on, go on and break my heart or fill it with love.
Go on accept my sincere love or reject it. Put a smile on my face or induce my sadness. 51 more words