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train whistles and owls

Train whistles haunt the olympic mountains. From miles below, the good and godly seaside villages, the coastal ghost towns, the toothless grins of ferry workers, don’t I know someone who operates a ferry? 362 more words


!4mE! Sparkle me Outfit

Let it Sparkle!! One of my favorite colors.. Purple .. available in 5 standard sizes (mesh) at the 4mE (For me) ~ The Store.

The landmark.


Love Envelops Fear

Would it scare you if I told you I love you?

If I showed you the depth of my care

Would you run if you knew what I’d do for you? 44 more words


No Time, Only You

Imagine me holding your heart gently in my hands

Protecting it from harm, just as I would my own

Seeking you out for your soft, tender touch… 96 more words



So, where do we go from here? It’s easy when you have a plan and it’s all mapped out for you. But what about when you “freestyle” it? 397 more words


War of Regression

Missiles collide with the landscape from above,
Controlled by men who are no doves
Oblivious to the splattered liquid that is blood
And treating the innocents as everyday mud. 74 more words
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