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His Eyes

#herecomethemedschoolposts, sorry…I fear there shall be many more of these:.)

A.N. Thank you to all of the brave people who have made learning so much easier for us by giving one of the greatest gifts we could ever receive… 160 more words


Writing 101: 1st Assignment

To write for 20 minutes straight. That’s the assignment. Honestly, I question if I could pull such a task off. As someone who struggles with being honest and open is their writing; this kind of unfiltered writing is a bit scary – but also exciting. 503 more words



forever is a long time to be

alone but i realise now that that’s how

it’s going to be because i can’t keep you

next to me and love is too slippery to… 137 more words


How can I re-invent my summer clothes in winter?

How can We Lesser Mortals wear our summer outfits in winter, to get our moneys worth?

For Lesser Mortals, with modest incomes and little time on our hands, it’s a luxury these days, to have outfits which you can only wear in one season. 410 more words

What Clothes Suit 40 Year Olds