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sky full of stars

and the sky was so full of stars i could
almost feel the light a thousand tiny
twinkles in the middle of the
night it wasn’t safe to stand outside… 126 more words


"Kemerdekaan" di Tanah Detukeli

Upacara kemerdekaan memang sudah selesai. Setiap tahun kemerdekaan Negara Republik Indonesia selalu diwarnai kemeriahan merah – putih. Hanya itu saja kah? Selama 69 tahun merdeka, kita “hanya” melakukan seremoni rutin di lapangan. 386 more words

Free Style

Eno - GM FreeStyle

Undoubtedly one of the best femcee Ghana has seen in recent times. She goes by the name, Eno. Watch her takes on the microphone to spit some serious bars. Checkout this free style session.


    The Prizefighter

    He was rugged,
    Never lost in war;
    never played at love.
    Solid to the touch
    and to the test.
    But in that first kiss, 50 more words

    Free Style

    Girl In The Mirror

    Girl in the mirror,
    Why do you look so sad?
    Your smiles so big and wide,
    But your eyes.
    Those gorgeous eyes,
    Tell a different story. 86 more words

    Weekly Writing Challenge: Memoir Madness

    I was standing there, clueless, looking like a fool,

    The girls are mostly fair, the guys mostly look cool.

    My strait-laced backpack, half-open, ready to explore this heap, 66 more words

    The Daily Post

    Today's Prompts

    In my eternal absence,
    do not feel alone.
    But rather, feel me around you
    In the very pulse of the universe.

    Let the wind blow through your hair, 30 more words

    Free Style