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-Video of the week- Spiderman Freestyle

Little did you know that spiderman, (cough* Sean Garnier) was an amazing freestyler… Watch spidey hit the streets and perform some skills in this weeks video!


I get so Lonely

I’m fine by myself
But I to get so lonely
LuTessa’s face is midnight black
Cause no one wanna phone me
I say girl lets kick it… 191 more words

Free Verse

An Ode To The Men Who Sang Me Through College

It is high-time I pay tribute to the two men who helped me earn my college degree. They didn’t offer any insightful advice, write a check for March’s tuition bill or bring me a late-night coffee while I studied for an exam. 201 more words

Feel Good Thoughts

I'm Just Saying

I’m just trying to get to the root
Get to the nitty gritty
This is not going to be simple
Definitely  not pretty
Now we have in justice… 245 more words

Free Verse

Mask The Fold

Pierce my heart

Let my dreams pour out

Take them

I’m not using them anyway

My soul bleeds

For the time I’ve lost

They tell me I’ll have it all someday… 76 more words


Cotton Candy Clouds

I can’t get enough of this addiction of mine

Writing my words and sharing my time

Shouting them to the world, tossing fear to the wind… 92 more words


Soul On Fire

Sharing stories

Trading tales

Exchanging intimate secrets

Careful not to miss a single beat

This map is new and uncharted,

Yet familiar like two hearts linked… 120 more words