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Overcoming Depression

I’m pretty sure that we have all been in a dark place in our lives, leading to depression. Life is hard, and can be difficult to bear at times. 249 more words

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3 Minute Meditation: Your Daily Reset

A podcast. Click this link to listen —> 3 Minute Meditation: Your Daily Reset.

For beginners to meditation or people who need a quick reset of their emotional dials. 24 more words

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Free Yoga Lessons Online -- For Beginners to Intermediate Students

Courtesy of DoYogaWithme.com, a 14 week course taking you from absolute starry-eyed beginner at yoga to intermediate student.

Download or view the .pdf files at these links to access the lessons and video classes. 22 more words

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It's All About Character

I have read countless scripts and met with a lot of writers over the years, and one mistake I see repeated over and over again is when a writer becomes too focused on plot and story at the expense of their characters. 248 more words

Free Therapy

How to deal with exam stress

Most of us have been enrolled in school for some time and know the stresses of preparing for and writing exams. Exam time is around the corner, which means it is crunch time and that can be extremely stressful. 155 more words

Free Therapy

Building Community at Gigi's Playhouse Atlanta

We recently had the opportunity to visit Gigi’s Playhouse, a Down Syndrome achievement center, in Atlanta. We were unsure what to expect and were surprised to find the bright front room exploding with a mass of toys contained only by a white picket fence and wall of shoe cubbyholes straight through the entryway– Gigi’s is clearly a place where children of all abilities are right at home. 430 more words

Developmental Disabilities

SMILE - It's Still Free

Smile, there is nothing stopping you from smiling. It may feel like a huge hassle at times but honestly, smiling is the best therapy you can ever get in your life and guess what? 158 more words