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Venting Partners

Something occurred to me this week. There is only one person in the world (my dad) who I believe I could tell almost anything and everything to. 328 more words

let the rivers clap their hands

So much going on in my head right now.  Couldn’t even begin to identify everything going on in there.  Sat down to write, sort some of it out.  243 more words


married to the memories


One of those days that will not be remembered.  One of those nights where bedtime dragged on and on.  There comes a point at the end of the day where you just can’t do anymore.  385 more words

Just Me Thinking

for the days when we were naked and unashamed

The relief washes over like a wave. 

Ignoring slanted yellow lines I park perpendicular to city sidewalks and take a deep breath.  The grocery shopping can wait a minute or thirty.  1,134 more words

Just Me Thinking

snow comes with the mourning

If I ever find myself sitting in the front pew of a church, surrounded by loved ones gathered for the funeral of my husband or child, I… 133 more words


On the shelf

On a shelf in the top of my wardrobe you will find a box. It isn’t anything pretty to look at, just a brown storage box with my name written on the side. 530 more words

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