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Claiming your own reality

I’ve been mentally away, for what seems like way too long, by health considerations. And temporarily knocked into a gutter of personal angst – by my glaring inability to single-handedly challenge and change, the many social ills of our day. 669 more words


The Little Numbers In The Bigger Picture Or Why 40-80 On The WatchList Will Affect All Of Us

When John Key told us that 30-40 people where donating to ISIS and 40 more where on the watch list for possible transgressions he introduced what I would like to call the virtual Jeremy Bentham watchtower called the  … 218 more words

Economic Meltdown

A new twist

Hello everyone this is Mr. Small and Miss Lee. We are taking control of the Blog. We figure if our students are going to insist on writing it might as well be pertinent to their studies. 91 more words


Stasi New Zealand. Meet The Committee Of Free Thinkers!

In the Eastblock the government agencies responsible for spying on, torturing, prisoning and killing people who had the audacity to criticise the ruling elite all had exhalted names too. 183 more words

Economic Meltdown

Key's 'Free Thinkers' on Security Risk reveals his Distrust in Academics.

This morning a “group of free thinkers” were announced that will be advising the PM on security threats to New Zealand. The group will be reporting to the ODESC group within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. 325 more words

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A new understanding of love

You cannot complete me , I know this to be so . You cannot make me happy , therefor I will not lay that on you . 295 more words

Nathan Raaths Perceptual Essays

We need a new Social Contract

 In speaking to the religious beliefs, held by many, that meaning is to be found, mainly, in the joyful happiness of “remaining close to the Spirit of God,” I’m reminded of the woefully inaccurate conclusions of Hobbs. 422 more words