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A strife of interests

Following President Obama’s ambitiously upbeat State of the Union address, I was reminded, all too soon, of this Ambrose Bierce quote.


Intellectual honesty – and freedom of conscience

In a return to the basicsBasic Intimidation and Coercionthe LDS Church has dropped the hammer on a couple of known troublemakers recently.  341 more words


We Are All Charlie!

God bless the French and all free thinkers! How exciting and heartwarming to see the outpouring of support in Paris today!

Global Social Change

Why do I feel so strongly about this? Why do we feel so strongly about this?

Because this is not considered as a direct hit at the twelve deceased or the eleven injured. 169 more words

The Different Types of Skeptics

Every now and then I get hit with someone who is a skeptic. Do I hate skeptics? Of course not. But certain kinds of skeptics make this job extremely challenging and that can be frustrating at times. 1,047 more words


Epistemology of Woo, for 2015

The Woo is still thicker than fleas on the back-end of a hound, possums.


A Call to Alarms

As human beings, we are rather wondrous creatures – made ridiculously contemptible by an overarching and collective need to play on, control, manipulate, and regulate, the private lives and social spheres of influence, of those around us. 393 more words