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ADHD Right Brain Thinkers v. "The Norms"

I am in the mood for blogging tonight. I have a question pondering in my head. Why is it that the intellectual types or pseudo intellectual types have a hard time with us adhd or right brain people. 289 more words

Free Speech

Amongst the political cutlery drawer of manipulative political tools there is one that has not received the attention it deserves, and that is the deliberate creation of social taboos. 1,014 more words


AFTER 1963

Perhaps we were less deceived
Than first we believed
In nineteen-sixty-three.
Legs, The Beatles, moon-talk
And JFK going down that
Long slide to eternity. 80 more words


Re-examining this God of the gaps

It’s not at all uncommon to encounter any number of agnostic non-believers (no, really – there are such folks), apparently up on all the science, but who are still unable – in good conscience – to tic that last box as confirmed atheists.  1,133 more words


Life is short - only made narrow

Utah files Amendment 3 Appeal with the Supreme Court of the United States

It was reported earlier today, that Utah has officially filed its appeal with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  320 more words


Kate Kelly’s religious conundrum – examined

Though this bit of prose reads more like poetry, those who can recognize and internalize its message, will have gained a surprisingly concise tool.

One that speaks to and answers any number of religious, and religious/political, conflations – in understanding their overweening need to be right. 6 more words

Free Thinkers

Two Fat Ladies

Who remembers the Two Fat Ladies who were on South African television in the nineties? They were so refreshing. It was Jennifer Paterson – the well-known cookery columnist – and Clarissa Dickson-Wright – the barrister. 110 more words