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Activists Bury Gay Agenda and Pro Bestiality Message in Cute Cat Video

As the Apocalypse nears and Satan becomes more desperate for souls, he has unleashed a new offensive on all of Christendumb using a clever new strategy:  Cute cat videos. 74 more words



Far flung theories have been thrown around precariously, written, re-written and vetted by the brightest of past and present societal hierarchies; be they in enforcement, disregard or even outright denouncing of the existence of a moral code of conduct bearing the ultimate seal depicted by the empyrean blood sacrifice, priceless yet free. 744 more words

Free Spirit

Backlash of the Future

Gregor Mendel, the man who single-handedly pioneered genetic study, was dismissed in his time. Even the smartest people of his time could not understand his work and deemed Mendel a dunce. 210 more words


An Ode to the Bastardising of Living History

An Ode to the Bastardising of Living History

by Arto Juhani Heino 2014

They are the secretive and work generationally, over aeons to eradicate free thinkers. 387 more words


Dear God - letter by Ghizlane

Repost from Free Arabs

“Dear God,

I realize you’re not very fond of me. Quite frankly, I’m not your biggest fan either, and as you know so very well, I’m not the only one feeling that way. 780 more words

Naher Osten/ Middle East

I'm surrounded by idiots...

I live in a beautiful city that will remain disclosed for the duration.  Mostly because it doesn’t matter.  If you’ve ever lived in San Francisco, Austin, Portland… you’ll know exactly what I’m about to bitch about. 398 more words