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Smoke is Sexy

by Mike Jewett

Smoke is so damn sexy
Hovering in her feminine mouth
Thick and white, she breathes it deep

Location, Location, Location

PAD have asked for a location poem.  Mine is a bit OTT! (Location is French for rental,  home or car etc. so my poem is my location is my home.) 30 more words

Short Poetry


by @dreamwalks

knees hooked
over his shoulders
sliding back and forth
on the counter
hands sweeping
for something
to hold onto
a secret
feral fuck

Lost as a moment lives

I stare out
at the imperfection
of perfect nature
between pain and pane
the golden tree, held in the hour
where morning is almost
a worship… 135 more words

My Poetry

Criminal Minds

by Samantha Hartley

You’ll always be mine honey muffin,
You know that?
Mine. Not in your heart. But mine.

Slapped in my back pocket, I got me a picture… 369 more words