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An Afternoon Stroll

She had been walking home down
the sidewalk, shoulders
stretched wide by brown paper bags
weighing her down.

The bags fell
and embraced pavement at the sight… 25 more words


Day 23

This tongue turned black

from all the words unspoken.


Keenan the First - One Up (free verse)

MUSIC OVER MONEY – Keenan is back with a free verse for us. Diplopia is out, and we’ll post more from him soon… St. Paul…


Kev's Author Interviews Presents, Karen Robiscoe! (Text Interview)

Karen: Hi everyone. My name’s Karen Robiscoe. I’m an imaginary author slash human who’s happy to guest with an imaginary interviewer today, and since he’s asked me to give you a little background, I’ll start with that first… 1,229 more words

Author Pages And Interviews

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Hi everyne. Kevin Cooper and I just knocked noggins for a bit, chittery-chatting about all and sundry undry the Sun..He was nice enough to collaborate with me on this aweSUM (awesome and THEN some) interview, and post it on his really cool blog. An author and musician himself, please do come by and "meet" us both!! (with a gorgeous please attached...:)

"A Poem for my Pocket"

“Tell it To My Heart”

Though Heaven acts as
anchor for my soul,
a lofty tether is
your earthly kiss.
Since Heaven’s orb shines
brightest in your eyes, 26 more words


This poem is not only for the 1134 who perished when Rana Plaza collapsed that day, but for the ones who crawled out, and also for those who were never found. 199 more words


Day 22

These lips hold secrets

that you cannot pry open

and these eyes become lies

in your presence.