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An Orphan's Last Dream

During an odd December evening, the sun shone with such an abnormal bright,
That even the blind could see, the pale little princess staring at her kingdom, with sorrow in her eyes. 555 more words



Soft squint through sol-
itude. Awakening to sun breathing
gently on lavender leaves, petals.

Wider gaze sees
glistening in willow leaves, so
soft a song. 14 more words



many hours i have spent thinking about you
how great you are
how wonderful you are
how truly and utterly breath taken i am by you… 204 more words

Poetry/Word Vomit

Who am I?

Over the years
many a time
people have asked,
“Who are you?”

I started to feel
like they wanted to know
what mould I fit… 188 more words

Free Verse

I smiled

The keys on my typewriter
are wearing out,
but I still have so much to write
about every single reason I smiled
around you.

I smiled… 226 more words


Yesterday's Posts - August 2, 2014

I know how reading the reader and keeping up with the e-mail flash notifications can be difficult.  Plus, I don’t just blog on The Library so here is a round-up of my yesterday’s posts –  all in one convenient place of reference. 34 more words


A is for APPLE

A is for Apple,
Fallen from a tree,
There is no one holier than thee,
Which is me,
I grace this earth with royalty,
No one wants a part of me, 182 more words