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“All the suffering in the world comes from seeking pleasure for oneself. All the happiness in the world comes from seeking pleasure for others.” – Shantideva… 569 more words


Turning Point

came a time of upheaval
transformative moments
convened to become
a season of mind
replete with resolve

draw sweet country air
through the pain
take the wedge of despair… 50 more words


Entanglement Theory

We think too much. Stupid people and smart people. We think, ruminate, remember, nit pick, obsess. I just got off the phone with someone who said “Let me sit and think about it.” No! 408 more words


To understand others is to be knowledgeable


To understand others is to be knowledgeable.
To understand yourself is to be enlightened.
To master others is to have strength.
To master yourself is to be strong. 29 more words


The Second Liturgical Hour ~ Lauds

It is humbling

to realize I am not the first

to praise you in this new day

In the silence of my awakening

I hear Creation singing your grace… 122 more words


NaPoWriMo: Day 23

The wisdom of passion is the wisdom of years,
The wisdom of stars, the movement of spheres,
Sharp twist of fate, sly turn of the screw,
The gyre impaling my heart upon you.

© James Rovira 2014
American History And Culture


Apparently my dad’s disease is hereditary. This is awesome. I have it. Apparently. My shoulders grind in their sockets. The pain is inexplicable. This is far worse than merely having “bad shoulders.” I’ve had a torn rotator cuff, a dislocated shoulder and a broken clavicle. 488 more words