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Verso 154


It gets dark earlier
now, even though
daylight still holds
a majority of the
possession in this
(or calendar) match.

That’s how it goes, … 18 more words

Unsung c.20xx

I’ve never been this anxious
I’ve never been this strung.
Knowing life goes on without you
has me at the bottom rung.

I’ve never felt so guilty, 41 more words


Free Verse - Kindness - SD

My First Ambulance Ride

A crack like thunder rang through my ear
As the world’s palette in front of me was smeared.
Pain ripped through my side like fire, 144 more words

Schizophrenic Summers

There's Nothing I Want More

Beauty is the eye of the beholder.
There’s nothing I want more,
Than to lose myself in you.
You’re perfection at its finest.
A breath of fresh air. 46 more words


Stonehedge: Unmade

Rain falls on a grassy knoll
with hillocks and raspberries,
jagged stones and muddy pitfalls.
Steady streams of sweat and blood
mingle with tears dropped from the sky… 93 more words


Falling in love?

I remember sitting on the porch step.
Looking at the stars.
Wondering where and how you are.
Pain hits me in the chest and reminds me of the loneliness I feel without you. 90 more words


A Kiss

Why not kiss?
One kiss to
Tide me
When I’m
Lost and
A memory
For my
Future self
To fondle
And reminisce. 14 more words