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Calvin's Heart

image: Mount Vernon Tulips by Courtney Shannon Strand
Infinite would be a woman’s touch, if you could feel beyond the boxed heart that is your conscious desire. 117 more words


Some inspirations don’t last long.
Gotta stay strong.
Gotta keep myself motivated.
All my hard work will pay off later.

Kimalee Jones


Tin Roof

The silence of rain
On a tin roof
Is not silent at all
But deafening
And with its roar it blocks
All of the noise… 39 more words

Free Verse

White to invisible like incense smoke

sometimes it’s like I am a

fallen fruit:

bruised, disconnected, and trying really hard

not to rot

lights flash fast

you move slow


Speaking Into The Air (draft 1)

Speaking Into The Air (Draft 1)

Oh I
never heard
anything I could hold
like a talisman of praise

But you are so kind
to enjoy me like you do… 32 more words

Douglas Gilbert

White Picket Fences

This morning not entering cobweb lined gates.

I tell you my best friend since grade school,

is getting married soon.


                                 Right then your eyes swayed from mine back into your own. 94 more words

Doctor on the Bus

TARDIS must be in the shop
But his red bow-tie shines
This bumpy ride must be a slow agony
When compared to time travel and… 76 more words