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Apple Orchards Hung with Foil Deflectors

by Ann Douglas

The idea formed,
had formed—prefab

that symmetry like law
like balance

would knit us together.

met Earth’s curve and
bent. Honking… 90 more words

The Search

He’s no longer here
in the present
just an echo
of the past -
left behind in
little clues
for me to find.
A name in a paper, 35 more words


Seven Bees

Something in the shape of your mouth
Makes me want to bow to a biological imperative
I’ve spent my life dodging: Not to make babies, 246 more words


The mark of the Dragon

Fiery dragon’s-claw
Scars the Welsh skyline.
Feels like coming home
Now we are in the
Land of my Mother’s…


sort of a free streamy thing from a couple mornings ago

The real fun starts when morning
is under rain and the power
on the corner collapses and cars
and the people clog space
while praying umbrella struts stay put… 506 more words


Spirit Lake


I hear this place contains spirits, though
bias paranoia claimed they’re evil.
How could they say such things when
there’s so much beauty made by the Creator? 75 more words