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Develop Your Conscious Intent

It will help you through difficult times and will help the mind not to be totally confused



The Universe brought us together,

To resolve the karma of our past.

We hurt each other for lifetimes,

But we can choose to end this now. 101 more words


On definition continued

“The mental process of choosing is the function that we call “free will”.”

“The belief that free will is only an illusion leads to bad moral results.” 513 more words


Dominion or Domination?

What is the difference between dominion and domination?

To take dominion is to take control of all aspects of your being—your thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions. 111 more words

Personal Development

Isaiah 59: The Choice of Following

I know that there is sometimes a major divide in the church between those who would believe in Calvinism, Arminianism or something in the middle. I still haven’t entirely figured out where I come down on it, but as I was reading Isaiah 59, we hear a little bit more about this division between God and man and why it is there. 463 more words


Free Will--Ideas


What does this mean in relation to our own plans and ideas? Ultimately, it means we are free to choose to do what we wish. 700 more words