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Is there free will?

Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? There is a time in our life when an alarm clock rings. When it rings, we get a strange urge to find out more about the meaning of life. 1,777 more words



There are two quotations which I would like to share with you on this Holy Saturday 2014.  Both are from C. S. Lewis, the Christian author who died on the same day in November of 1963 that President John F. 235 more words


I'm Sad

Hi. I’m here again. I mean, I was doing pretty good. I was studying hard. I’m almost done with chapter seven and now I only need to memorize chapter eight. 416 more words

The illusion of free will

The human brain is without doubt the most complex object in the known universe. How can the ‘material’ brain, essentially billions of unconcious atoms, give rise to the rich subjective experience of our every day lives; tastes, smells, colours, sounds, feelings, emotions? 593 more words

Free Will

Our puppet strings are hard to see

Our puppet strings are hard to see,
So we perceive ourselves as free,
Convinced that no mere objects could
Behave in terms of bad and good. 98 more words

My Thought Experiment on Hard Determinism

Consider two hypothetical rooms that are exactly the same in every way down to the subatomic and quantum level. If you were to make an exact copy of a person in the same way and similarly place each of them in a room, would they remain in synch? 91 more words


Campbell’s libertarianism - his argument for the claim that we exercise a free will, considering objections.

The topic ‘free will’ proposes many critical questions in many scholarly fields; and philosophy is one of them. Many philosophers who hold the position of determinism and libertarianism have proposed their answers to the question of whether one exercises free will or not. 908 more words