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Roger Williams - born


Roger Williams was born 12/21/1603 in London.  He graduated from Cambridge & became Chaplain to a wealthy family.  On 12/15/1629 he married Mary Barnard.   232 more words


The Water and the Jug

The jug that shapes
The water within
Does it define
Water’s virtue or sin?
And yet the man
Into life is poured
His mouth is parched… 18 more words


Quote Of The Day: 12/20/2014

Again, the traditional system works, for traditional society. A mass made of people who have intense curiosity about why Beethoven went in for string quartets after the Ninth Symphony, or whether Kant really refuted Hume satisfactorily, or what the latest quantum theories mean in relation to Determinism and Free Will, is not a mass that will easily be led into dull, dehumanizing labor at traditional jobs.

- Robert Anton Wilson


Jonathan Edwards Made Easy pt. 1: Are your choices free or are you free to make choices?

I am reading Jonathan Edwards’ The Freedom of the Will (1754) so you don’t have to. Honestly, it is a bit of a tough read which without being a philosophy major and reading several philosophical works written during the same period, I would probably not be able to make heads or tails of it. 843 more words


Fictional Choices

I don’t choose my preferences, otherwise I’d just choose what I already have — why would I select something difficult to obtain? So when life provides me with an urge to fulfill a particular preference, perhaps life is preparing me for what’s coming. 215 more words


Slooshy Here My Brothers

In 1962, Anthony Burgess published the 20th century classic, and my favorite book, A Clockwork Orange.

Burgess delivers this rather vulgar parable through the eyes of our young anti-hero, Alex.  609 more words