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Because absolute determinism destroys meaningful debate about determinism, destroys the value of science itself and comes with a massive one-sided moral risk, it is a wonder that anyone would bother to argue in favour of it. 470 more words

An Analysis of De Beauvoir's Notion of Ethical Freedom

             In “Ethics of Ambiguity,” Simone De Beauvoir extends on Sartre’s ideas from “Being and Nothingness” and the existentialist notion of freedom to outline an ethical system for all. 2,670 more words


Robot or Free-Will?


Innately connected to man’s ability to sin is freewill – the ability to make one’s own decisions to decide one’s own fate. A robot is a programmable being and unable to make an independent decision. 580 more words


Harry Potter and the Loyalty-Death Problem

Note: Apologies for the gap between posts. I was moving from Nashville to Tallahassee. I’m largely settled in and will pick up my Monday-Wednesday-Friday writing schedule. 936 more words


Decisions, Decisions...

In an attempt to increase the amount of useful television that my son watches, we have started viewing programmes about natural history. A recent one was about sloths. 758 more words

Happy To Be Alive!

Today is my 32nd birthday, and I’m so glad to be alive, well, and able to enjoy all the parts of my life that are good…like my awesome husband and my 2 amazing girls. 334 more words


What About Free Will? (Part 3)

I am writing a book on the ever thorny, controversial, misunderstood topic of free will.  Over the course of several few weeks, I am blogging about the issue.  2,018 more words

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