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Castled (III)

I cannot say how He moves me. I don’t know if I can explain it well enough, but this is me trying. There was an experiment done on the human brain that made people twitch their arms or legs involuntarily. 681 more words


The Peer-to-Peer Hypothesis and a new theory of free will

by Marcus Arvan

Nick Bostrom [1] is well-known for arguing on probabilistic grounds that we are likely living in a simulation. Somewhat similarly, David Chalmers [2] has argued that we should consider the “simulation hypothesis” not as a skeptical hypothesis that threatens our having knowledge of the external world, but as a metaphysical hypothesis regarding what our world is actually made of. 3,159 more words


Choosing a compatibilist free will perspective

by Dwayne Holmes

Despite the question having been around forever, the topic of Free Will (FW) has been pretty hot lately, including several entries at Scientia Salon . 4,732 more words


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Destiny meets free will

Recently I was doing a healing session with a client and I received an insight that was meant for him but which applies to all of us. 575 more words

Personal Growth

Today You Learned: War & Human Nature: Crash Course World History 204

Is it inherent to us as the Human race to be war minded? The History of us tends to lead that the answer is yes, but lets break it down a bit. 22 more words




The insects left their eggs on the leaf,

Left them in adolescent relief,

To see the “world at large.”

(“At large” was an acre, if that.) 35 more words


Free Will

Any discussion about free will has to include the origin of sin in mankind. As we know, Eve was deceived by the serpent and basically talked in to eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 2,831 more words