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You Think You Own Your Body? Try Selling Your Organs.

There are very few causes that I will support without question. Cancer research, AIDS awareness, Domestic Violence Prevention Programs, Ebola Internment Camps. For any group that wants my support, I usually approach them with some skepticism at first and have to be convinced of their merit. 1,425 more words


Can Neuroscience Debunk Free Will?

One of the lively debates spawned from the neuroscience revolution has to do with whether humans possess free will, or merely feel as if we do. 781 more words

Your Relationship with God has Nothing to do with How You Feel

Too many times I hear people talk about their personal relationship with Jesus. That’s all fine and good, but often times it misses the whole point of the relationship with our Creator. 498 more words


WaPost: Rand Paul is such a goof. Everyone knows blacks only vote for democrats

Yes, there is upside potential for Republican presidential candidates when it comes to black voters.  After getting 6 percent of the African American vote — not a typo — in the 2012 cycle, there really is only “upside potential.”

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Political Theater

This Is For You (yes, you)

The Big Bang, forming galaxies, Earth cooling, your great grandparents falling in love, this video.

Please, don’t allow yourself to be too busy to watch it. 21 more words

Free Will

Brain dead! Laws and rights with the free will of a bowl of sugar.

“The reality is, not only do we have no more free will than a fly or a bacterium, in actuality we have no more free will than a bowl of sugar. 7,713 more words

Secular Society

Genes for Aggression?

Genes is significant in explaining aggression as there is sufficient evidence to support this. There is evidence of actual genes that can influence aggression. For example, the genes for DRD3 and DRD4 have been associated with ADHD behaviour and low levels of MAOA has been found in violent and aggressive men and not in non-violent men. 83 more words