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Those Three Words

They sat across from the table, each waiting on the other to speak. He broke the silence: “You look amazing,” he began, “I would rather be nowhere else in this world than right here, with you.” 288 more words

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#FreeWriteSunday - Forestry

Some advice about walking in the woods goes like this:
Be as quiet as you can. The birds will appreciate your
Tread carefully. The earthworms will admire your… 46 more words



If I disappeared
Would it be as I feared?
Would all be better again
Would it, if it could have been?
I wonder, as I sit on my own… 127 more words

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Lay With Me

Laying my head on my needle-like worries I pretend to sleep, though I can’t,  because of the thoughts about you that are more life-like than dreams… 130 more words


Nobody likes you when you're 23.

It’s been too long.

Listening to: Your Call Song Title: Secondhand Serenade

5 minute free write.

Today’s word: Sugar

She rolled over and he immediately planted one right on her lips, his long, cold, wet hair dripping in her face. 102 more words


A Lifetime

The problem with a lifetime

is that it only lasts for one.

Both too much time, and far too short

to get things that need doing done. 152 more words

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The Sea

Poetic Whispers..

I walk barefoot to the shore
just to see the changing tide.
This infinite place is different every time.
It never advances in the same way. 346 more words

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