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I Dare Not Sleep.

If my waking thoughts are filled
with images of you
torturous and true
memories flashing
haunting me like ghosts
that I can see
If my waking thoughts are filled… 156 more words

Spilled Ink

My Angel of Death

Your white wings glistened as they stretched out the expanse of the entire room. I felt their warmth and a smile crept upon my lips despite the stinging tears that dripped from my reddened eyes like a long neglected faucet. 314 more words


Those Three Words

They sat across from the table, each waiting on the other to speak. He broke the silence: “You look amazing,” he began, “I would rather be nowhere else in this world than right here, with you.” 288 more words

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#FreeWriteSunday - Forestry

Some advice about walking in the woods goes like this:
Be as quiet as you can. The birds will appreciate your
Tread carefully. The earthworms will admire your… 46 more words



If I disappeared
Would it be as I feared?
Would all be better again
Would it, if it could have been?
I wonder, as I sit on my own… 127 more words

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Lay With Me

Laying my head on my needle-like worries I pretend to sleep, though I can’t,  because of the thoughts about you that are more life-like than dreams… 130 more words


Nobody likes you when you're 23.

It’s been too long.

Listening to: Your Call Song Title: Secondhand Serenade

5 minute free write.

Today’s word: Sugar

She rolled over and he immediately planted one right on her lips, his long, cold, wet hair dripping in her face. 102 more words