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#fwf: piano music is the soul of the forest

credit favin

piano music is the soul of the forest

left alone in the forest

expected to

recycle into

wood, ivory, ebony

the  piano continues… 94 more words

Free Write Fridays

My Childhood room

My sister and I shared a bedroom in mostly all the homes we lived except our last home before my parents divorced.  I had my blue room all to myself.  464 more words


#fwf fireworks: "bombs bursting in air"

I worried about the fireworks, but Leida’s counselor thought it was time she learned to cope with her fears. 

So, we started with pictures of fire works. 290 more words

Free Write Fridays

#fwf image prompt: buried ashes

I threw the last of them on the fire. Multi-hued flames burned brightly against the moonless sky. Ash swirled on the hot up-draft.

Done. Finished. 145 more words


#fwf petrichor : we smell of rain


our bodies


by the sere

winds of passion

we hold hands

and run outside

rain sluicing our


steam rising… 33 more words


#fwF are you up for this: 3 shadows

Kellie Elmore’s free write Friday: Are You Up For This

Most people have only one shadow; I have three. The one that everyone can see. 223 more words

Free Write Fridays

Pain hurts (senryû)

What hurts more? A broken heart or physical pain? I cannot figure out which one hurts more because they both hurt. I have lived with chronic physical pain for so long now that I guess that is tolerable…to a certain extent. 659 more words