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Chart Success

The recently released “My All” is now within the Top Ten at #6 within the same Christian Rap chart that “In the Rain” had its success. 221 more words

Mind Matter


Her legs are not as tender
as they once were.
The speckle, sparkle
of freckles that once adorn
skin recede to a darker brown.
An age spot, 64 more words

Poem A Day

Tapped Wordplay

This free write started with the very first line and ended up shaping itself into the resulting play with words. It’s very different from other poems I’ve written, but I feel it says something.

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Free Writes

A Free-Write on Good Friday

I wanted to try something new today. I’ve been doing a lot of free-writing lately. Just kind of jotting down my thoughts as they come, not worrying about structure or the end-result or even sentence-framing. 942 more words


Friday Morning Motivation

Excuse the iPhone photography just this once!

Free Writes

E-Portfolio Review 4/16:

1) Used good navigation tools and organization throughout her e-portfolio.
2) Used online space and various outline resources especially on her wordpress page.

Bad- 9 more words

Free Writes


it wasn’t so long ago
we pulled
the stitches one by one

unfurled skin
not quiet healed

we live on
we continue

the blood is meek… 30 more words

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