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Free Write 10

I’m never sure how to look at Arizona. On one hand, I’ve been here since 2002 and the craziness that we encounter seems like a natural thing to be mad about. 176 more words

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Free Write 9

I’m a Type 1 Diabetic diagnosed when I was 3 years old. It was a hard time when I was a lot younger, but young diabetics are protected by being young. 195 more words

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Free Write 8

There’s a lot to say about the crowded media landscape in the U.S. Many places, like the New York TImes, are the papers of record for any news event that happens at home or around the world. 210 more words

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Free Write 7

More about grad school. I feel like many of the programs here at ASU are very, very good. The two I would consider, Mass Comm or Public Service & Policy, have great track records and great opportunities downtown. 110 more words

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Free Write 6

I’ve played the cello since I was in 4th grade. That always surprises people that I’ve been playing for almost a decade and that I’ve kept with it. 201 more words

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Friday Flashfic: Exile

Once upon a time the City had been a somewhere. Awestruck travelers had stood at the top of the rise and gaped as it rose before them, carved out of a delicate spire of rock. 65 more words

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Free Write 5

I’m in the Honors college (not something I usually introduce myself with) but I have to write a thesis to graduate from Barrett. It’s tough because you can literally write about anything you want to write about. 210 more words

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