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Fun with short stories or something.

I’ve been messing around with this new site called TypeTrigger. You should check it out here if you like.

Anyway, I thought I might post some of the things I put on there on this page from time to time. 160 more words

There is nothing in writing. You just need to sit down and u’ll have something down. Believe me; you don’t have to plan for you to have something written. 804 more words

Things I've had to re-learn

-Don’t put people on pedestals
-You are always number one
-Don’t make a home out of a person
-If someone hasn’t talked to you in a day or two don’t assume they hate you… 129 more words

Sea witches

The familiar cackle,all boobs and brains

‘we are sea witches!’, the swan concurs

catching up, gin with slimline tonic

idyllic spring early evening pub garden… 83 more words

Over the Edge: Welcome Home.

There’s a story I packed away long ago, lying in an apple bin of thoughts, collecting dust on the center stage of my mind. It hides there for safe keeping. 377 more words

Point Of No Return

There are many points in life
The most touching point of Life is Love
And the most touching point of Love
Is the point of no return… 229 more words

Free Writing

Place-Dreamer Tool "On Stage" in Penzance

Our favourite Place-Dreamer Tools has been”on stage” in the intimate space of a Georgian townhouse in Penzance, Cornwall as part of ‘Salon de Texts: Edition2… 240 more words