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Entire Universe / 全宇宙

According to the source, there are tons of different systems based on same physical rules through out the universe, and the entire universe are all covered during the last 20 galactic years. 22 more words


Writing #5

I’m stuck on stage. Scenery changes but the reality is, I am unable to move. I play my part brilliantly. Reviews are a blur of fantastical literature, drawn from the most deceitful impressions. 45 more words

Writing #4

Scattered thought. Confusion. Too many paths to choose from. Scared of the unknown as it creeps into the corners of my mind. Thoughts become an increasing buzz. Deafening. Never ending. Uncatchable. 

Writing #3

Confusion. Losing the will to fight. Butterflies lie with motionless wings. Unable to fly. Waiting for an impossible miracle. Life has lost all meaning. Purpose is stripped away.

Writing #2

More than tiredness. I feel exhaustion. Rushing through every fibre, every cell. Oozing with displeasure. Nothing exists. Too weak to run. Trapped. Empty. A dead soul held prisoner in the most disgusting, revolting shell. 12 more words

If I Can Only Have You

If I can only have you, I’d have you in every way I can. I miss you, think about you, and want you; but not just in any way, only in so many different ways… and… 563 more words

Blue socks

This moment is so bright
My vision strikes one of being so clear
As everything attracts the sun shine
Shade on my side
Is the perfect tint… 31 more words

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