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Begin Again

So often we find ourselves beginning again. Sometimes it is with little things: starting again at a new school, a new place of work, or even a new home. 212 more words


The Daily Prompt

Prompt # 53

Every day at work, you see someone you’re attracted to. How would you go about getting yourself noticed?

Creative Writing

Learn English Through Songs 1 - Halloween: Forever and One

Forever and One is a song taken from album The Time of the Oath made by Halloween band. The song composed by Andi Deris, lead vocalist of Halloween. 234 more words

Free Writing

Burning Desire

My soul my body burns
Ignites everything in it’s path
The ache and burning for something real something more
To create something bigger than my fire… 43 more words

Free Writing


Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes getting lost in their presence..their physical body seems to disappear..all you see is their raw soul staring right back at you..you are paralyzed yet completely energized by the moment.. 28 more words

Free Writing

Sex, Elevators, & Waking Up

I did not wake up lazily with the sunlight that drifted through drapes we were too distracted to close. Instead, I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar ceiling, and immediately looked over to make sure I had not dreamt the whole thing. 620 more words

Heartbeat: Oh, Love… Why So Brusque?

Shared by justwaitdear.

She so hates love that she found a word to describe its human-like attitude towards her: “Damn LOVE, why do you have to be so brusque!” She turned on the radio and a classic played… “A long and lasting love… Is what I’ve always dreamed of, And when I looked into your eyes, I knew I’d really seen love, A long and lasting love…” Okay, she pretended she did not hear that. 762 more words


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Oh love.. Do you quit after feeling the pain or do you keep trying? Or take a break before continuing your search? Well written, interesting read.