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Blue socks

This moment is so bright
My vision strikes one of being so clear
As everything attracts the sun shine
Shade on my side
Is the perfect tint… 31 more words

Free Writing

and the “manager” with the clip board is the one not doing his work how do u say all around operational fucking fail ?  he is also an immigrant, not an actual citizen which got me thinking its not really US that are lazy… its all the mother fuckers coming to the U.S of A for an easier life. GET THE FUCK OUT.



Of all the days, this is the one I have writer’s block?! FRUSTRATING.

But maybe it’s more of a reflection of things past than it is a block. 279 more words


Coffee and More

At this writing I’m sitting at a coffee shop, having just devoured a croissant, which was perfectly flaky on its outside and perfectly fluffy on its inside, around that filling of almond cream cheese. 436 more words

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It’s not because your black, its because your cheap!!!!


NaNoWriMo Day 23 - 41k+

Last night I busted 40k for Camp WriMo. For some reason I don’t seem to be as proud of that as I was of 25k. I now know I won’t be satisfied until I hit 50k.  689 more words

Free Writing

Writing Group Prompt: Confined To A Single Room

For this prompt I asked my participants to write a story where nothing takes place outside of one single room. The intention was to push the writers, and myself, to be imaginative in a very limited space. 605 more words