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Jessamine Mason Introductions

Jessamine Mason – Volumancer

Trapped. There was no way out, no other way to put it. The word “trapped” spun around in Jessa’s head like a mantra. 209 more words

All The Things!

Heavy hearts need a little more sleep; I'm sorry (unfinished)

I’m so bad at telling people things

when I need to say them

help me never left my mouth as often as i’m sorry did… 92 more words


A Leaf from my Notebook: Treaties and Alliance, Book 3

She didn’t look anything like he expected. When his father entered into negotiations for a marriage of alliance, Tobin was expecting a hag, or at least a woman that looked more like a man, but she was beautiful.

75 more words
Creative Writing

Prompt #168

“I couldn’t see any other way out of this mess…”

Creative Writing

Stream of Consciousness

I was thinking of doing some stream of consciousness writing. A stream, a flowing stream not necessarily of water but of music, of lava, hot from the oven, hot from the heart, hot from the centre of the Earth, hot from the pot stirred most smoothly by the ladle of Time. 405 more words


Unlock the Mind

As I looked back today on some earlier posts I had written,  I found this one. This was one of my first few posts. I wrote it on June 2nd of this year. 348 more words


Freewrite: Desire

People long to be desired. They long to be wanted. They long to be craved. Our minds are set up in a way where we believe ourselves to hold value only when we are desired and craved and wanted. 222 more words