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Prompt #191

Using the given items, write a short story, scene, or a poem.

A squirt gun, a pair of rubber gloves, an empty jar

Creative Writing

the schwan's man

Life is better when you get a little soft. When you rest your fists, slow down, and listen more than you talk. Life makes more sense when you let yourself see ghosts, pray to God, and believe in Santa Claus. 394 more words

Be nice

Be nice my momma told me

when I threw rocks at kids I didn’t like

Be nice she said when I hurled words

like stones to say “I’m tough, fear me” 72 more words


Just starting...thoughts? I need some feedback.

I saw a man in a flowing white robe, the kind Jesus wore. He floated across the street in front of me, using the crosswalk like any respecting citizen, brown hair and trimmed beard blowing slightly in the breeze. 825 more words


just is.

it’s almost 5am
and all i can do is be nostalgic about old text messages
and touches that are now so distant.

i can still taste your breath… 141 more words

Free Writing : 12/15/14 (Describe a Wilting Flower's Last Moments)

Prompt : Describe a Wilting Flower that’s aware of its Mortality 

I always wondered what the end would be like for me. I imagined it would be something like being drowned by pelting raindrops, or perhaps attacked by a ravenous animal. 128 more words


Prompt #190

Using the given items, write a short story, scene, or a poem.

A football, a pack of cards, a can of peas, a roll of gauze

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