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The Daily Prompt

Prompt #104

Take the basic character sketch below, fill out the rest of the details, and cast the character in a role that involves someone dying. 30 more words

Creative Writing

Dialogue about Ghosts

I think you can tell a lot about a person by the ghosts

that they imagine. The faces they expect to see out darkened

windows, under the bed, in the very back… 195 more words

Writing Group Prompt: Pick a number. Any number.

Firstly, the writing group has been on a Summer hiatus. But alas, we have returned.

For this prompt, I wanted to do something a little more individualized. 547 more words


Strings (One)

A large monolithic statue sits under the shadow of a cliff. At a close look, it would seem impossible or unfathomable to actually exist. It is composed of a variety of worked stones and metals interwoven to make a being sitting down with a book. 390 more words

Free Writing

The Daily Prompt

Prompt #103

Use the following time and place to write a story: 12:00 PM, Wednesday, Fast Food Restaurant

Creative Writing

"Daddies and Daughters" [FMW Free-Write]

When I start to feel lost, I write. But, I don’t always want to write for my current project, whatever that may be. For example, I’ve been writing my sci-fi western story for over a year, now. 338 more words



I am a zombie fanatic of sorts and with the hype of the upcoming season 5 of “The Walking Dead” (View the comic con trailer… 196 more words