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A Bird Story – Silently Superb

I apologise for two things before I start this review. Firstly, and this might seem a bit weird, but I apologise for the fact I am creating a break in my so far complete list of No-English Moviember posts. 854 more words


To the Moon Review

To the Moon is a 2.5 dimensional point and click adventure game developed and published by Freebird Games. Released on PC and OS X, it’s been a critical success, receiving Gamespot’s 2011 Best Story award and being nominated in several other categories to boot. 9 more words


A Bird Story: My first video game Review

Hello and welcome to Ramblings on Unconnected Thoughts, yet another film blog dedicating itself to film analysis, praise and criticism, as well as whatever else I feel like talking about. 688 more words


A Bird Story is an Adventure game in a JRPG's clothing.

Freebird games make video games that look and sound a lot like mid-90s Japanese role-playing games, it’s an aesthetic they have completely nailed down. But they’ve removed core elements from them to create something that feels a little more like a traditional adventure game. 301 more words


Plotting "A Bird Story"

As a huge fan of Kan Gao’s To the Moon, I have been eagerly awaiting the bridge between Part 1 and the “coming someday” Part 2 for about a year and a half. 1,066 more words


A Bird Story now released for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

A Bird Story launched on Friday, the very setup is dangerously tearjerky: a boy finds a bird with an injured wing. People who played # 167 more words

Linux Game News

A Bird Story - Review

I loved To The Moon. I’m pretty sure I cried at the end, because it touched on so many themes I hold dear, and it did so beautifully. 894 more words