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To The Moon

Developer Freebird Games

Year of release 2011

Genre drama, sci-fi

Written by Kan Reives Gao

There has always been some type of prejudice towards the RPGMaker engines, as some people consider to be too simplistic or too childish. 166 more words


To the Moon

I’m back and now I am very backlogged. I may not have been writing reviews, but I was still playing and watching things and now I have to write all those reviews. 512 more words


To The Moon - Thoughts and Feelings

To The Moon by Freebird Games was such a wonderful gem to play, and out right I’d like to recommend it to anyone looking for a semi-interactive story. 608 more words

To The Moon (Video Game)

I finished this game just minutes ago and I loved it! It wasn’t perfect; the movement annoyed me a few times as I’m not used to point and click games, then at the start I just wasn’t very into the story but it really picks up. 326 more words