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QEMU: Convert non-Sparse Image to qcow/qcow2 Sparse Image

Convert non-Sparse Image to qcow/qcow2 Sparse Image

While this is not always ideal, I’ve found it handy to build qcow/qcow2 images (for use in OpenStack) by converting a vmdk on FreeBSD. 348 more words


Liberation of the Serial Console in the FreeBSD on the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi has UART interface on GPIO pins 14 and 15.
FreeBSD uses it as serial console.
It outputs system messages and provides terminal mode… 278 more words


i2c in the FreeBSD 10.1 on the Raspberry Pi

I have noticed that my version of the i2c utilities no longer work in FreeBSD 10.1 release.
Now I know why they didn’t work and how to make they to work. 107 more words


Baikal Server - Your very own CardDAV / CalDAV server

Hi all!  Sorry for the lack in new posts.  I’ve had a busy past several months.  We sold and bought houses, moved, did multiple projects at the new house and had an accident at work that left me with 6 broken ribs, 4 fractured vertebrae and a concussion to top it all off. 671 more words


Using pkg/portsnap/poudriere for Binary Package Management and Ports Collection in FreeBSD

  • pkg@man is the binary package management tool
(list installed packages)
$ pkg info
(summarize installed versions of packages)
$ pkg version

(install/update/remove/info/search package)
$ pkg install|update|delete|info|search pkgname

(local install)
$ pkg add localpkg.txz

(find which package provide an installed file)
$ pkg which /path/to/my/file
(show reverse dependencies)
$ pkg info -r pkgname
(reverse dependencies)
$ pkg info -d pkgname

(binary upgrade the installed packages)
$ pkg upgrade
(show out of date packages compared to a remote repository)
$ pkg upgrade -n

(audit installed packages)
$ pkg audit -F
(checking for missing dependency and try to fix them)
$ pkg check -d

(automatically removing leaf dependencies)
$ pkg autoremove
(removing stale/old packages)
$ pkg clean

(binary updates for base system)
$ freebsd-update fetch ; freebsd-update install

(create remote repo, see '/etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf' and 'man pkg-repo')
$ pkg repo /path/to/a/directory/containing/packages
… 315 more words

Howto install minimal FreeBSD desktop (with i3, Mate and slim)

  • freebsb/ free Unix-like operating system descended from BSD
(download ISO from https://www.freebsd.org/; during installation, select correct keyboard, ipv4/dhcp, timezone, default UFS file system, ssh service, root password and create new user)
$ pkg install -y tmux zsh sudo nano vim

(add user to wheel so that su works, see http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/freebsd-becoming-super-user-su-or-enabling-su-access-to-user.html)
$ export USERNAME=<my-user>
$ pw user mod $USERNAME -G wheel

(setting the timezone)
$ cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Warsaw /etc/localtime

(setting an alternative keymap in console)
$ cat /etc/rc.conf
… 243 more words

My Linux vs BSD experience

OK, first post for computer category :D

I’ve been a loyal Linux user for quite some time, even dedicated most of my time developing for Linux (of course there are some cross-platform projects which theoretically can compile and execute on any OS). 1,686 more words