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FreeBSD Change SSH Port

After setting up my shiny new FreeBSD VM, I quickly realized that it would be in my best interest to change the port used for SSH. 181 more words


MythTV Migration: Remote Frontend

This is the third post in my MythTV migration and upgrade efforts. Here are links to the first and second posts.

The mythfrontend wiki page… 411 more words


MythTV Migration: Database Restore and Config

This is the second post in my MythTV Migration and upgrade efforts. The first post is here.

My test setup is a separate machine, so for now I’m following the… 295 more words


The Power of SED

I use pydio on a few of my servers for sharing files.  Recently, on one of them, I decided it would be good to move the document root for the site.   210 more words


Changing Your Zsh Prompt

I recently decided to switch my Vultr VPS from Ubuntu to FreeBSD, as I mentioned in this post. One of the things that changed on me was the shell. 506 more words


Snippets: Io.js, FreeBSD in the Cloud and 6502 Basic

Io.js 1.0 beta lands

Io.js is the spork of Node.js which is trying to put features the developers think have languished too long in development hell into a production codebase. 241 more words


FreeBSD 10.1 Desktop

You can use FreeBSD as a great OS for desktop, but you really need to do some tweaking…This is a guide I use to setup FreeBSD on the desktop the way I like it. 3,655 more words