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Hello World! FreeBSD Overview (Part III)

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TL;DR In this post: setup of gcc/g++, golang, nginx and Xorg/X11.

Let’s begin with a simple C/C++ hello world. For that, I’ll test both gcc and g++. 975 more words

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Here be packages! FreeBSD Overview (Part II)

TL;DR: in this post: about getting software and managing packages and ports on FreeBSD 10. The first post on this series is available here. 1,019 more words

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FreeBSD system upgrade - it Just Works

Since Windows 3.x, I’ve never had much luck with operating system upgrades, and by many accounts, neither has much of the world’s computer-using population. The safest method has been to backup, format, install the new one, restore. 351 more words


About BSD

What is BSD? BSD is short for “Berkley Software Distribution” which was a proprietary Unix operating system.. Today there are many open source successors which are commonly referred to as BSD and considered to be direct descendents of the Unix system. 62 more words


Here be dragons! FreeBSD Overview (part I)


I’m done with Linux distros, and you probably already know that; I have a list of them for servers and desktop use cases, and they cover almost everything I’ll ever need. 899 more words

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How to Install FreeBSD

*** this tutorial is a work in progress ***

Don’t know what BSD is? Check out this post.

Installing Base System

First boot into the FreeBSD installation media (cd/dvd/usb). 119 more words


Troubleshooting Large, Stalling git/ssh Transfers

Why is git/ssh stalling?

While working with the freebsd-ports repo on github in order to track and combine it with an internal remote repo, it was found to apparently stall during a git push to the internal remote repo. 305 more words