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หา /bin/python ใน FreeBSD ports

ถ้าใครเคยลง python เวอร์ชั่นใดๆ ใน FreeBSD ช่วงหลังๆมาใช้ จะพบว่า  พอลงเสร็จแล้ว มันจะได้ executate เป็น python + เวอร์ชั่นที่ลง เช่น

เมื่อเราจะลง python2.7   เราจะได้ executable เป็น  python27 หรือ  เมื่อเราจะลง python3.3  เราจะได้ python33 มา 54 more words


Some Tips I learned Today

when doing Vegan Baking, and you want to do a vegan substitute for eggs, you use 1 Ripe Banana (LARGE) for each egg in the recipe. 151 more words


the hell of windows phone contacts export and sync to android

ever went through the windows mobile hell ?

oh yeah some of you will say; as far as it concerns me, its even worse than my iphone exports, lol; 384 more words


FreeBSD - light and fast

Inspired by this post on K.Mandla’s blog, which neatly coincided with the temporary acquisition of an Acer Travelmate 202T, I looked at getting the… 679 more words


FreeBSD 10.0 with KDE Installation by Ganimidis

>> FreeBSD Installation 10.0 with KDE 

>> install by DVD

>> all default

# pkg

# pkg install nano

# nano /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf

>             replace latest with: release/0/ 71 more words


Recover from a skipped FreeBSD upgrade step

Per my last post, upgrading a FreeBSD machine from one major version to another is dead easy, thanks in part to the clean separation between core system components and anything an administrator or user might add. 258 more words


Setting up two-factor authentication on FreeBSD

I typically utilize public key authentication when connecting via SSH to matthoran.com. However, there are times when I’m away from a device which has my private key and need access to my server. 705 more words