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Sysadmin Snowflakes

In a world dominated by cloud and scale the traditional snowflake of a sysadmin will be an increasingly rare breed. Sysadmins will basically use the community, hivemind, whatever as an outsourced resource to help them get jobs done. 324 more words


Vmware tools on Freebsd 10

Recently i upgraded my zfsguru from freebsd 9 to freebsd 10. However some changes were made and the installation of the vmware tools went a bit vague.. 63 more words


Virtual Machines: go to jail(2) (an overview)

The history of modern computing is both incredibly short and incredibly convoluted.

Silicon computing machines, the big beige boxes most of us would recognize as computers, have only been around since roughly the late 1970’s, and yet they have arguably been the most pervasive invention into our lives since Prometheus stole fire from the gods. 932 more words


Computing: hello world!

One of my pastimes is to mess about with computers. I used to (and still do) use Linux for the most part when I want to get something done (my desktop runs Linux, and most games I want to play run under WINE), but recently thanks to the overarching grasp of systemd, I’ve taken quite a shine to one of my previous loves, FreeBSD. 735 more words

Science And Technology

Bacula version clash between 5 and 7

This is the second time I run into the error “Authorization key rejected by Storage daemon.”

It makes backups and restores impossible. Most traces / explanations on the internet will point at FD hostname or SD hostname or key mismatch issues. 427 more words


Installing OpenStack-Glance (Juno) on FreeBSD 10.0

The following procedure can be used to install OpenStack Glance Juno Version on FreeBSD 10.0.
Keystone is a prerequisite for installing Glance. Follow this link for installing Keystone on FreeBSD. 317 more words