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family and faith

It’s amazing the difference I have seen recently in my family this year. I have seen a true growth toward God , like the way plants and trees grow toward the direction of sunlight. 218 more words

Serve Him without fear (Luke 1:74)

Obviously doing something without fear is easier said than done. Can we really not have fear? Where does fear come from? Is it healthy? Is it good? 358 more words


Peace in the Storm

I know, these are scary times…

With each new case of Ebola reported in the news, panic becomes more imminent.  People are frightened.  And these days, the virus is hitting close to home…  As of tonight, one person is in isolation at Boston hospital with Ebola-like symptoms, while five passengers were removed from a plane at Logan Airport due to flu-like symptoms as well.  883 more words

Why are you fearful? (Mark 4:40)

I’ve missed a few days, huh? Looks like the 365 days might stretch into more than 365 days :) but, we will get them all in, Lord willing! 350 more words


The "Disney-fication" of the Enemy...

Recently I was listened to the latest episode of God’s Property Radio, where they interview Russ Dizdar, and towards the beginning of the conversation, they touched upon what I thought was an extremely interesting and important point. 1,113 more words

New World Order

"Do not be afraid, for I am with you" (Genesis 26:24)

I remember as a child when, for whatever reason, I would be afraid of something and would sort of start to panic and freak out and know that I needed to get to a safe place. 410 more words


Whom Should I Fear? (Psalm 27)

This is a pretty famous Psalm, or at least the statement in the Psalm is pretty famous! There have been songs and books and blog posts(!) written about this Psalm. 330 more words

Jesus Christ