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Incensed secularists pile on David Cameron for saying that Britain is a Christian nation

Four days ago I described a Torygraph piece recounting Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent spate of pro-religious remarks, including these:

The prime minister’s religious messages began last week with an Easter reception at Downing Street, at which he said religion had brought him his greatest moments of peace and claimed 

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Freedom From Religion

Islamist-Hater-in-Chief, Pamela Geller, Finds Something New to Get Angry Over

I of course mean the title in my own opinion, based on my interpretation of some of her writings, and have no intent to be libelous. 707 more words


New Jersey rejects atheist license plate, approves Baptist one

I wish this stuff would just stop happening, and that people would read the U.S. Constitution. On the other hand, if it did stop, what would I have to kvetch about. 327 more words

No drinking in Ireland today

. . . unless you’ve already stocked up on booze. Due to archaic and religiously-based laws, it’s illegal to sell booze in the Republic of Ireland on Good Friday. 183 more words

Freedom From Religion

Another dumb politician doesn't understand the First Amendment

From the Raw Story (where there’s a video I can’t embed), we find another example of an ignorant politician—the mayor of Warren, Michigan—who doesn’t understand that the First Amendment to the U.S. 425 more words

David Cameron goes all goddy again

I would have believed this in America, but in England? Granted, David Cameron wants to appeal to a faith-based constituency, but Britain isn’t as religious as the U.S., and when Cameron goes around touting God more often than Barack Obama, there’s something badly wrong. 740 more words

Freedom From Religion

Freedom From Religion: Experience

In chapter seven of Noel McGivern’s book, Freedom From Religion, he reveals the origin of his atheism. From the very beginning of the chapter McGivern indicates that what initially drove him away from religion was the cruel treatment he received in Catholic school. 354 more words