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Separation of freedom and state...

Our constitution has a provision that maintains a separation of church and state. This seems fundamental and rather elementary, but may have more layers than typically meet the eye. 226 more words

Louisiana judge rules against creationist teacher

UPDATE: The ruling was actually published on Marc. 17, and I have no idea why I thought it was this week. At any rate, the story stands, and the update is still an update to what was previously published.   759 more words

Freedom From Religion

I join the Pinkah in Sci Am for the FFRF

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has a project to put a quarter-page ad for their organization into each month’s issue of Scientific American.  Their first one appeared last month, featuring the Honorary President, Steve Pinker: 61 more words

Freedom From Religion

Edmonton School Board Boots Christian Misogynists and their Abstinence Only Platform

Further breaking news: The Edmonton Public School Board will also remove Soylent Green Recipe Book from the Foods curriculum.

How does feculence like this happen in my school system? 1,350 more words


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Trying this a second time...the religious bill of goods makes true the comment about "buyer beware!" And if that isn't sufficient?  The GOP wants us women to know that they can and intend to "bring it down to our level" so we can understand they are on our side. Right...sadly, I think I've seen THEIR level, and I want naught to do with it!


Because the poem gave me a case of the shivers and goosebumps, too, on a 95 degree day.  So evocative, so penetrating in statements made, in defiance and things you hope go bump in the dark for all the deserving people.   25 more words

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I Cannot Trumpet This Loudly Enough

….but I sure as hell am going to try very hard.  The Hobby Lobby bullshit is NOT to be “applauded” — and any woman doing so has not informed herself of the true meaning of the ruling.   87 more words

Paganism & Rationalism

Don't look into the Light...

When desiring to understand light’s nature always look slightly away from the it’s glare, this also has the added effect of freeing you from almost all religion.


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