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Penn State deep-sixes Bibles in its hotel rooms

A hotel run by a public university should not have Bibles in its hotel rooms. (Yes, Universities do run “hotels,” or paid lodging; I’ve stayed in such places many times.) Yet according to the… 621 more words

Freedom From Religion


Kingdom thinking knows that expectations can limit freedom. If I expect A, B, C, and D from a person or situation, I have set myself up to limit what I see. 178 more words


Pennsylvania teenager faces jail time for "desecrating a venerated object"

Blasphemy in the U.S.???

Reader jsp called my attention to what seems a gross inequity in punishment, something that shouldn’t be happening in America. A teenager photographed himself in a compromising position with the statue of Jesus on a church lawn.   347 more words

Freedom From Religion

Jesus 'n' Mo 'n' missionizing

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip was apparently inspired by a Torygraph piece reporting how Dominic Grieve, MP and “former Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland”, was kvetching because “aggressive secularism” was pushing religion in Britain “out of the public space” (my emphasis in excerpt below): 390 more words

Freedom From Religion

A professor gives his students an object lesson in religious bigotry

UPDATE: I didn’t check the date carefully on this story, which I read as August 2014. My error: it’s August, 2012, so the story is two years old. 1,660 more words

Freedom From Religion

Fighting God: Hundreds Pray, Protest Removed Religious Plaques

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — About 200 parents and students gathered Wednesday evening to pray outside Longbranch Elementary School in Midlothian.

They’re proclaiming their faith after two plaques referencing God were removed from Longbranch and Mountain Park Elementary schools. 84 more words


Mental Health Break, With Gratuitous Woozle, for Hump-Day

Thanks, Skippy, for the heads-up on the NRA getting some nerdish attention!  Not to be confused with nerdish affection, btw.

The best things come in the smallest… 82 more words

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