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Freedom From Religion: Experience

In chapter seven of Noel McGivern’s book, Freedom From Religion, he reveals the origin of his atheism. From the very beginning of the chapter McGivern indicates that what initially drove him away from religion was the cruel treatment he received in Catholic school. 354 more words


Iowa governor signs proclamation putting state's trust in God

From PoliticusUSA, we hear of more insanity in the U.S. as politicians, against all reason—and the Constitution—try to mix religion and politics.

On April 8, Terry Branstad, the governor of Iowa (and, of course, a Republican), signed an executive proclamation inviting Iowans to celebrate a verse from the Old Testament. 346 more words

Freedom From Religion

What Ayaan Hirsi Ali would have said

The Wall Street Journal’s “Opinion” section has an abridged versions of the remarks Ayaan Hirsi Ali would have delivered had her honorary degree at Brandeis University not been revoked out of the University’s fear of Islamic opprobrium. 667 more words

Freedom From Religion

Freedom From Religion: Child Abuse

Taking the Catholic Church to task, Noel McGivern, in the sixth chapter of his book, Freedom From Religion, addresses the grotesque abuses children have suffered at the hands of its clergymen. 603 more words


Louisiana proposes bill to designate the Bible as The Official State Book

What is it: silly season for the First Amendment? Apparently, for according to WWLTV in New Orleans, the Louisiana legislature is considering another totally unconstitutional bill: 326 more words

Freedom From Religion

NaPoWriMo Day Ten

The ongoing expressions of faith (specifically Christian) on Facebook have caught my eye again. This poem is for all those who feel obliged to tell me how great their God is. 136 more words


UK Prime Minister is on a Mission from God, and it is sickening...

The United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron has today come out and said basically that he is picking up where Jesus left off. I know, so humble. 732 more words