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A distinction without a difference: Montgomery County schools keep Jewish and Christian holidays, but remove their names

Religiously-based holidays like Christmas and Easter are too deeply ingrained in the American school system to remove the breaks they offer for students; it would be daft to try to eliminate them, even though, I suppose, you could make a legal case that it’s favoring religion.   551 more words

Freedom From Religion

The Inerrancy Arguement: Is the Bible Divinely Preserved?

Do we have to abandon inerrancy (the belief that the Bible is a Divinely preserved document) in order to know what our hearts know?

For so many, the Bible is held up as a Divinely inspired document, preserved for us, today. 691 more words

Freedom From Religion

Georgia Southern University launches investigation of creationist professor

I’ve written several times before about how Professor Emerson T. McMullen, in the history department of Georgia Southern University (a public school) has been foisting creationism—blatantly stupid young-earth creationism—on students in his classes on science and the history of science. 386 more words

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A November 2014 Update on the War in Syria and Iraq

The civil wars in Syria and Iraq continue to take a large human toll. Western response to the fighting has been moderate, while Arab nations are beginning to confront extremists in the region. 366 more words

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More cowardice about Islam in a UK university

For reasons that elude me, the UK is far more defensive about the evils of extreme Islam than the United States. Perhaps readers can explain this to me, but it seems to me that the U.S., being far more religious than the UK, should also be more protective about criticizing religion. 1,169 more words

Freedom From Religion

What is "being Christian?"

I have enjoyed the input you have all made in the conversations so far. My hope is that we all feel safe enough to come “out of the closet” with… 381 more words

Freedom From Religion

Why is free speech waning?

Since the 1960s, when I was engaged in various forms of liberal political activism, I’ve seen a waning of the support for free speech, so that now speech that offends people (erroneously lumped as “hate speech”) is under question.   1,363 more words

Freedom From Religion