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McMullen case resolved: a big victory for secularism as proselytizing professor told to keep opinions on Christianity and creationism to himself

Our plane to Calcutta has been delayed by three hours due to fog (this is typical), so I’m able to write this post passing on some good news. 937 more words

Watch "UPR Dr. Richard Geldard: Emerson & Universal Mind" on YouTube

UPR Dr. Richard Geldard: Emerson & Universal Mind: http://youtu.be/BaQtFYlN92M

As a college freshman, I took Dr. Geldard’s English Comp course at Yeshiva College. He was a great teacher. 36 more words


Kentucky comes to its senses, nixes tax incentives for Ark Park

Like its subject, Ken Ham’s Ark Park (“Ark Encounter”)—a project of his creationist organization Answers in Genesis—has had a tumultuous ride. First it had trouble getting financial support from backers (something that seems to have reversed after Bill Nye’s ill-advised debate with Ham), then went back and forth about whether it would get tax breaks (that came to nothing) and then finally seemed poised to get those take breaks from the state of Kentucky.  1,056 more words

Freedom From Religion

The Subjectivity of God

I will build on some of the conclusions from previous posts, so you may want to review the two most recent.

Let me preface this subject by saying this; I believe in a sovereign God who answers to no man. 2,065 more words

Freedom From Religion

Meme Forty One of Fifty

DAY FORTY-ONE: whatever tickles your fancy 

I’m not feeling tickled today.  Unless you define “tickle” as “that feeling you get when a you are the horse and there is a thorn between the saddle and your ass.”  If I have to endure one more sunny news story that is all “can’t we get along and just say Merry Christmas?” I am going to punch something. 163 more words

Paganism & Rationalism

God & Miniature Golf

To you, I’m an atheist. To God, I’m the loyal opposition. ~ Woody Allen

It is well known in my family that I am not an athlete. 960 more words

Road Trip