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Court Tells Pro-Life Midwives They Must Participate in Abortions or Lose Their Jobs

“But today the Supreme Court has rejected the opportunity to uphold the right of conscientious objection for senior midwives who refuse to supervise abortions performed on a labour ward. 38 more words

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UK: Free Speech and Conscience RIP...

“Never do anything against conscience, even if the state demands it”   (Albert Einstein)

Tell that to the highest court in the UK where the right of conscience NOT to participate in any way in the killing of unborn babies has been denied.   439 more words

May 21st

This is the letter I sent in response to Fred Horne’s reply of February 11th, 2014.  Please read post titled “February 11th” to see the original letter that I am replying to. 546 more words


Britain’s Counter Terrorism and Security Bill

‘Extremist ideologies’ at odds with ‘British values’: The Counter Terrorism and Security Bill of the Cameron government and the hinted further measures represent a significant stepping-up of the criminalisation of conscience and the arbitrariness of the state, which are a serious attack on the rights of all… 3,237 more words

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‘Extremism disruption orders’: Britain seeks draconian censorship

The following item illustrates the aim behind inciting passions and fuelling tensions: to enact more legislation that is self-serving and destroys the standards and due process established by a civil society based on the Rule of Law, as the British government is planning to do. 389 more words

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When Rights Conflict, part 2: How to Determine which Rights are Natural

The question of how to determine which rights are natural seems difficult to answer conclusively.  My attempt to establishing some guiding principles here are not informed by a proper education in law or moral philosophy, so I expect and invite critique.  352 more words

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Harper’s self-serving anti-terrorist agenda: When does a group or an individual pose a danger to society?


(Oct. 25) – IT IS CLEAR that there are a lot of people across the country who are very disturbed by recent events. 1,545 more words

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