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Contempt of Court Allegation for Posting CCTV on YouTube

Today I was interviewed by the Metropolitan Police for contempt of court. PC Cummins of Holborn Police Station conducted the interview and it was in relation to a video I had uploaded to YouTube containing CCTV footage used in evidence against me for a driving offence charge that was later dropped by the CPS. 4,271 more words


Bad Day In Hell Now That We are Becoming A Dictator Nation

Bob L.    Just My Opinion And What I See Coming On The Horizon
Oct. 25th 2014

It is hell now that we have become a Dictator Nation with a run away Government thinking that they are the people, not the people who put trust in them to run and follow the Constitution to keep it a free Country. 553 more words


Chilling: FEC in push to regulate political speech on the internet

by Rick Moran,  American Thinker

The Federal Election Commission deadlocked on a vote to impose strict rules on political speech over the internet, but Democrats on the commission warn that they will continue their efforts at censorship next year. 77 more words


Fear and Loathing in the Bedroom

While writing articles about fantasy and what my sexual dreams may or may not entail has been fun… I have decided to take the more realistic approach. 348 more words


The Vitriolic War Between Gamergate and Feminists

“Are you kidding me?”

People are starting to notice a disturbing movement taking shape on the internet and within the gaming community that is inherently tied to a greater war against women in our general culture. 1,986 more words

Felicia Day

ACLU: Free Speech for Some Means Free Speech for None

Our defense of speech regardless of speaker comes down to a simple truth: once you give the government the ability to silence unpopular speech, no one is safe.

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