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Anonymous website commenter subpoenaed by judge

From Media Life:

“Almost since the dawn of the internet, people have been using the web to lob scurrilous anonymous comments at others.

And almost since the dawn of the internet, the targets of those comments have wanted to unmask the anonymous critics. 139 more words

Kim Jong-un bad hair poster draws flak from North Korea

Aw, poor baby!

North Korean diplomats have asked the British government to take action against a London hair salon’s poster poking fun at distinctively coiffured leader Kim Jong-un.

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NAMBLA Pedophiles Have More Rights Than Occupy Protesters

Even after much of the furor of the Occupy movement has fizzled out, the well-documented police brutality and unjust arrest of Occupy protesters highlights the way in which our freedom of speech has transformed from an unalienable right to a right that exists when the establishment does not feel at all slighted by what you have to say. 629 more words

Victim's Rights

Religion in Schools--Open for Discussion?

I taught my children to respect other people’s beliefs, even if they don’t agree with them; so it surprised me to hear what went on in my daughter’s art class today. 269 more words


LESSON PLAN on Human Rights

  • The purpose is to work on the human rights, especially freedom of speech.
  • Participants: Miriam Tapia, Desiré Peris Torregrosa, Jennifer, Merce Quiralte…
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Teaching Culture

NaPoWriMo2014 #16

An observation on life in general.

C. J. Black.
(Not me personally)
I have been accused of hiding, behind the power of the written word… 177 more words