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How Dare You Jeopardize My Freedom Of Speech!

The events of the past week surrounding the impending release of the movie “The Interview” have been troubling on many levels.  First, they clearly illustrated our vulnerability to cyberattacks and they brought into question the corporate world’s level of preparedness to defend against such attacks.   637 more words

Taking the Braces of Our Brains: Protest Movements, Reactionary Violence, and Why the Two Should Not Be Confused.

I have seen so many people awaken over the last few months and weeks.  A realization that we must “do something” to address persisting issues within aspects of our criminal justice and law enforcement systems.  1,030 more words

Current Events

North Korea is not funny.

Unless you have been living in a bubble for the last two days, you have heard the news that Sony Pictures made a movie called “The Interview” whose premise is two guys being hired to kill Kim-Jong-un, the current supreme leader of North Korea, and after the company’s network was hacked, data stolen, and threats made against any movie theater playing the film on its upcoming release date (Christmas day), it has been cancelled. 838 more words

New Testament

Micro-Essay #1: Associating the Group with the Individual

One of the things I’ve found most frustrating and troubling during the #Gamergate saga is the tendency of progressive opponents of #GamerGate to forget some of their core beliefs in the name of fighting “misogyny.” 387 more words


As local, network and cable news continues to be consumed by the North Korean Sony hack, Mom continues to keep me posted – at least as she interprets the situation. 217 more words


Writing For Freedom | #FreeRaif

Amnesty International’s letter writing marathon has already been a huge success. The 19th of December Amnesty announced that already over 21,548 letters were written for freedom in Flanders alone. 629 more words


was the worldwide web our swinging sixties - surveillance now our vietnam?

Some good stuff in the Guardian this morning.  This, on Mandy Rice-Davies, shows how deep and far goes the naked corruption which led to VIP paedophilia being tolerated by so many, for so long.   541 more words

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