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Review for "The Interview" - a misleading title for a critique on the American response

Seth Rogen and James Franco’s raunchy comedy “The Interview” was pulled from theaters due to hackers credited to North Korea breaking into Sony corporate servers. Reactions to the company’s decision have generally been one of ire; most are seeing this move as cowardice and, according to USA Today, “…a deeply troubling assault on free speech.” Others claim that Sony was asking for such trouble, claiming that an offensive movie poking fun at a hostile nuclear power is asking for too much trouble. 621 more words


Anti-muslim protest: Hundreds rally at proposed Sunshine Coast mosque - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“This is nothing to do with race,” he said.

“What Muslim preaches violates the laws of my country. It is an ideological, political organisation wrapped up in a very thin skin of religion. 84 more words

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Augustana Administration Bans Yik Yak App

The popular app Yik Yak is a new form of social media that allows users to post anonymously to a message board. Those within ten miles of the poster with the app can then view those anonymous posts. 263 more words



And I am mad!!! This is more than seeing a movie or not seeing a movie. My right to see the movie “The Interview” – to see what other Americans had to say – has been removed by a country half way around the world that I have never been to. 475 more words

The Long War

By Shafiqur Rahman for AlalODulal.org

Recently a friend, who is usually the image of equanimity, uncharacteristically expressed shock and disillusionment at the way the social and cultural elite of Dhaka comported themselves in the wake of the Bergmann contempt of court verdict. 2,201 more words


Only One Appropriate Response to North Korea

By Cole

Does North Korea’s childish hijacking of the satirical comedy, The Interview, remind anybody else of that annual Dr. Seuss holiday special, How the Grinch Stole Christmas… 321 more words

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