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Free Will (AKA how much of your life do you control?)

Here in America, we think of ourselves having more freedom than most. If I say something like ‘F*ck America’, then I can’t get arrested. If I say ‘North Korea needs improvement’ in the NK, then I’ll probably be shot and my family put into work camps. 562 more words


Freedom of Speech Fridays

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to introduce a new Lyceum event: Freedom of Speech Fridays (FSF)

For those of you who don’t know, the Lycuem of Arts and Humanities is more than a blog. 336 more words

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Freedom of Speech and the #Ferguson Protests

A quick thought tonight regarding free speech and protesting in general.  With the arrests earlier today of protestors smashing pumpkins on the sidewalk as an act of civil disobedience and the recent arrest this evening of State Senator Jamilah Nasheed apparently for kneeling in the street in protest; I have found myself wondering if you acquire additional rights or protections from the laws when protesting? 436 more words


The Dark Side to "Enlightened" Writing

I just made a critical error on Twitter. I came across a link to a blog article entitled “Gay Mafia in the Catholic Church” and out of curiosity, had to open it up and read it. 577 more words

On Being Offended

If I call you a Pig-Skirted-Hog-Mistress, you might be offended. But I have every right under the U.S. Constitution to call you that and any other name I choose.  665 more words

Human Behavior

Censorship: National Review - NRO moderator is deleting all my comments

Someone at the NRO doesn’t like my freedom of speech to happen at their site! He/She is deleting every comment I make. I’ve listed the deleted comments at my other blog “Censored”. 36 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Comment on @kafila article 'The Meerut Girl, desperate Hindutvavaadis and their Jihad against Love'

This is a commentary on the article posted by Ms. Nivedita Menon on kafila:


I have been unfortunately forced to take this quaint step because kafila.org apparently does not accept voices of dissent in its comments section. 350 more words