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[VIDEO] REWIND: 1940s Capitalism Cartoon Comeback

A great find. For Reason.comEmily Ekins writes:A 1940s capitalism cartoon is making a comeback with over 7 million views on YouTube. The cartoon “Make Mine Freedom” was produced by… 312 more words


Government vs. Freedom of Speech, the unbalanced dilemma

Book review, “No Place To Hide” by Glenn Greenwald.

Ever since “Edward Snowden event”, people often talked about privacy and online security. People’s reactions vary upon their different believes and characters. 968 more words

Freedom Of Speech

What's Wrong With Our Military?

Daily news reports continue to confirm our Country’s declining on all levels.  Scandals rock the Obama Administration, and still almost half of America supports the President and his agenda.  799 more words



Oooh I am supposed to be scared now becaue ‘The Author’ has messaged me?!


Jesus its like a comic book!

Anyway he said stuff, the same old shite I am afraid, and now I have said some stuff, the same old shite the refuse to answer and it will contiunue on like this because I am not in school, this is the United Kingdom and we have all seen on the news in recent years what happens when you stop freedom of speech … evil people get away with the most depraved crimes! 1,374 more words

Solid Foundations

Earthquakes shudder buildings and expose weak foundations. The foundations of the State of Israel – its society – have never been stronger, or so we are led to believe. 632 more words

Israeli Politics