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Mozilla and McCarthy

Mozilla did a shameful and blameworthy thing this week. It casts a pall over all the ideals it has held, the good intentions it has had, and the good works it has done in the past. 971 more words


Speaking Up While We Still Can

When I was a kid, my mother posted this quote inside a kitchen cabinet.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–

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TLH 3 : The to-do list

Hi Guys ‘n Gals,

Great to have you here again! I’m kinda low on time this weekend due to a deadline at work, but I hope you can enjoy some philosophy and overexcitement of   721 more words


A Dishonest “Cosmos”

I’m actually not going to draw from any exotic sources for this post. I’m going to try confine what I include here only to things that can be found on the first page of a Google search for Giordano Bruno.

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Lectori Salutem, Welcome!

Hello world and welcome reader(s)!

My name is Marc, a pleasure to meet you. In this blog I will talk about failing in life and how to approach it in the future; if you want to reach your dreams that is. 85 more words


The secret to being the Doctor

“The essay that shall impact the human race and an essay that can change the world”


Hello kids! what I’m about to tell you is privileged. 719 more words