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On Liberal Education

“Learning and teaching are mysterious processes. To understand them fully would mean to discover the secret of our lives. For we are, perhaps above anything else, learning and teaching animals.

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Contemplative Political Philosophy

Unapologetic ranting

Layoff, albeit euphemism for fired, is not a positive word. It isn’t nice on the ears, and definitely not nice to be on the receiving end of  it. 920 more words

Ad Hominem

Politically Correct Australia: Professor accused of sending racist, sexually abusive emails suspended by University of Sydney

Let’s demonize a man for using the word “chinky-poos.” Whatever happened to the idea that a white man is entitled to his own opinions?

Put Professor Spurr back to work immediately and let the chinky-poos suck a lemon. 188 more words

FWPP 11 : 99 problems and the Universe ain't 1 (Part II)

PART II of the previous post in this category:

The World revolves around Us

So even though there are roughly 7 000 000 000 people on this planet, we only know a handful up to a few thousand by name or from having spoken with face-to-face during our lifetime. 2,072 more words


1 step forward, 10 steps back

The aggravating situation about this republic’s democracy.

When i thought we finally get a glimmer of hope with the result of recent presidential election, THIS… 1,253 more words

Freedom Of Thought


Today, the human mind must be kept to theory, it runs by itself toward application, and instead of leading it back constantly toward the detailed examination of secondary effects, it is good to distract it sometimes in order to raise it to the contemplation of first causes.

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Totalitarian But Honest

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. thinks we should be in prison for our skeptical opinions regarding the more alarmist anthropogenic global warming theories, and we appreciate his honesty. 532 more words