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Systematic discrimination against the non-religious is happening all over the world. And Britain faces a crossroads.

‘Systematic discrimination; in flux.’

From Humanist Life:

That is how the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) described the United Kingdom in its annual Freedom of Thought Report, which arrived last week for Human Rights Day on 10 December. 338 more words

Lessons From The Epics

Advaniji  has chosen to court controversy by urging people to read the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, soon after Sushmaji called for the Gita to be declared a National Scripture. 216 more words

Government Policy

My Human Rights

Being a HUMAN I have the right for

  1. Right to life
  2. Freedom from torture
  3. Freedom from slavery
  4. Right to a fair trial
  5. Freedom of speech…
  6. 22 more words

Against (Forced) Net Neutrality

I love the internet. Not just because it allows me to keep up with the Royal baby or find ridiculous jokes to parrot (although I do that sometimes too). 710 more words



Suppose we where to learn that someone’s present state of mind, intentions and actions where produced in them a few minutes ago. Suppose these where caused by external forces such as by electrical stimulation of the nervous system. 311 more words


Fight for freedom

Think for yourselves, open your mind to the possibility that all is not what it seems. Understand that there is much more to this life then weight loss, money and fame. 34 more words

Food For Thought

Break Free

Spoken like a true illiterate
Evil words that can annihilate
Who need common sense?
When we can rely on voices of power
The four walls will kill your mind… 204 more words