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Commentary: The Hong Kong pro-democracy movement compared to other nonviolent freedom struggles, part 2

In my last piece, I compared the Hong Kong democracy movement to other nonviolent freedom struggles, focusing on three ultimately successful ones, the Indian independence struggle, the US civil rights movement, and the eastern European fight against Communist dictatorship. 1,629 more words


17 tweets in response to Liu Xiaoming’s attack on Chris Patten for ‘rankest hypocrisy’

Liu Xiaoming’s attack in the Telegraph.

Hong Kong has not, as Lord Patten appears to believe, been bequeathed democracy by Britain. For more than a century and a half, Britain had total responsibility for the territory – and did nothing to encourage or produce democracy.

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Ganesh Chaturthi & how it all began

Ganesh Chaturthi is an annual festival that celebrates the fun, elephant-headed God. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, giver of wisdom and happy beginnings. This festival takes place somewhere between mid-August to mid-September every year — the exact date is governed by the Hindu lunar calendar. 522 more words


Is India really free??

This video is made by me to depict journey of India till independence and thereafter…..
can we call ourselves really independent?
Think again…..Think after watching this video. 6 more words


a day dedicated to the nation


68th Independence Day

Today the flying, tricolored flag dominating the sky is a common sight but it’s significance is less understood. Today’s day is more considered as a ordinary holiday spent by watching movies, shopping and travelling but there is more to it. 517 more words


Are we free? India's 68th Independence Day- Crusaders

Just revisited my post on 15th August. It had some errors. Got them checked.

Are we truly independent? Are we truly fee?

Lot of people here in India are bubbling with hope and have dreams that they set to achieve. 564 more words