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Neil McDonald: Grey Hat Black Listed

A computer hacking statute codified in 1961 (yes, before what we think of computers existed) is being wielded against Kiwi grey hat hacker Neil McDonald. His mistake was (in the short form) offering a company information about its weaknesses when he discovered them, prior to wrangling a consulting deal for same. 334 more words


Quote of the day, July 25

Hugo Grotius, on liberty

“Liberty is the power that we have over ourselves.”


Making a break

After finishing my life in prison (school in a small town) I decided to ditch that small town and chase down my dream of big city lights and excitement. 414 more words


Waiting for the log-out time [day 10]

I finished my work hours before my time out here at work that’s why I had too much spare time to create this blog post. 485 more words

On Life

Letting Go, Setting Yourself Free

Are you carrying around pain and upset from something that happened to you in the past?  Anger about something that someone did to you or said about you? 534 more words

Digging Deep: Why Understanding Who You Are Deep Inside Is The Key To Freedom

I think we (and when I say we, I mean human beings in general) have become lost.  For the most part we don’t know who we truly are or what we truly want.   500 more words

100 Days Of Happiness



are coming soon to a Democracy near you. Specifically, to us. In New Zealand, God’s Own Country aka Godzone.


—the government you deserve. 899 more words