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Freedom #mybabyruns

Had a beautiful day in Cheshire with the children. The sunshine made it. We took a walk, spotted deer, climbed, ate our picnic in an open field and took lots of pictures. 15 more words



Change is difficult because there will always be those who are afraid of it and sometimes these fearful energies – perhaps unknown to us at first – are not only somewhere outside or around us, but also within us. 554 more words

Massive FBI facial recognition database raises privacy fears | Naked Security REBLOG


I’m going to tell you something you probably don’t want to know. There are far, far more pictures stored than what they say. 69 more words

Big Brother

Freiheit, die Versklavung der Geister

Freedom the chant oppression the cause.

Stand together we topple all unwavering valor deserving medals unrivaled by nun.

speeches so powerful, under their utterance regimes they fall. 124 more words


I am a huge narcissist.

I wasn’t sure if that was really true but having taken a 40+ day hiatus from Facebook in my big quest for holiness and discipline(joking), and lets be honest, destroying the idol in my life, I am finding out just how true it really is. 961 more words

300 questions about the United States?

I recently came across another blog that has just started and has some interesting questions.  I couldn’t reblog it twice, so I’m putting a link here for those that are interested in that kind of stuff.  66 more words


I think the absolute best workout is yoga. This isn’t because I am naturally flexible. Its the balance between hard work and rest that I love. 645 more words