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my 30 cents on freedom

I never carry my wallet with me when I’m in my town. I always have water on me, fresh from my filter and I’m not much of a snacker so I’ve never felt the need to take my wallet with me when I go to work. 988 more words

Parolin: “The events in Iraq are not a clash between Islam and Christianity”

The Secretary of State says that “the majority of Muslims refuse those brutal and inhuman methods. Let us hope that the Islamic world speaks up against them. 476 more words


Syrian Bishop calls for international peace force for Syria

by Vatican Radio

A boy sits on an abandoned sofa on an Aleppo street, Syria

(Vatican Radio)  An international peace force is needed to hold back the onslaught of so-called Islamic State militants who continue to make gains in Syria and Iraq – that, according to Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo, Syria, Antoine Audo. 290 more words


out of hiding

Come out of hiding,
you’re safe here with Me
There’s no need to cover
what I already see
You’ve got your reasons,
but I hold your peace…

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Archetypal Feelings: Disgust

“What a lousy freeloader who sits there not doin’ anythin’ that suits my desires. He’s just an uncomfortable spot in my perfect eyes. He smells, He’s ugly, He’s what ever I deeply lust.” 260 more words

A Peace Of Mind

Mind the gap...

Mind the gap
The one between us
That tiny space
Where you sat
You big bottom fat
And oversized coat.
Mind the gap
The one that was there… 111 more words

The opportunity to travel..

Two months after coming home to Australia to regroup after India, to eat foods that my body’s used to and spend time with people I care about, I made the decision to come to Europe to see some old friends and collect information for some things I want to write. 608 more words

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