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Giving and loving

Feel the adrenaline when you give. You feel big when you give from the heart of love.

When people say, love conquers all, it does. Not a cliche saying I’m referring to, but in the perspective on application of the law of attraction. 324 more words


AANNDD I already crashed. Just like that.

I got more clarification from “Joe’s” end of things and what it is for me, non-exclusively dating, is not what it is for him. He believes permanently in open relationships, which I knew before but never explored for more detail. 314 more words


Sometimes you find yourself

One day I think I have the whole world figured out and the next I can’t decide if there’s a place in it for me. It’s somewhere deep within the darkest days where I really find myself. 50 more words


Freedom sans a Constitution

Freedom isn’t free. It comes with a constitution. Maybe a necessary one? #MondayMorningWakeUpCall

We celebrate Republic Day to honour the date on which the Constitution of India came into force completing the country’s transition to becoming an… 93 more words

Monday Morning Wake Up Call


This is the blog that I never wanted to write………but I knew that someday, if I lived long enough, I would write it.

Almost four years ago I spent nearly two weeks in a residential rehabilitation facility in Memphis, Michigan with the intention of putting a permanent end to my drug use. 772 more words

Hershel Integration, Ferals, and Whappy Paws

Hershel’s depression seems to be lifting!  He’s playing much more–with toys and with other cats (mostly Pixel), and he’s been “let out of jail,” i.e. having the run of most of the upstairs (we’re blocking a couple rooms and the basement for now because he still likes to hide and he’s too hard to find). 258 more words