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Grace and Freedom

I love what grace does to our use of freedom. It is revolutionary, so out-of-this-world, so beautiful and compelling, especially when compared to our self-absorbed world. 616 more words


Get Free

You can’t get free by holding onto ideas.



Are we Free?

We live in a bi-polar world,
With freedom ill defined;
They urge for you to speak your voice,
Yet shut you the moment it’s out. 128 more words


"Head Start"

I hold my head up high in my safe regard, no moment to hesitate the decision has been made to stand far.

Far enough to distant from the ridiculous obscene, to find the truth which underlines of what you may not agree. 364 more words


La tua privacy è il nostro orgoglio - 3° e ultima parte - La filosofia aziendale di F-Secure

Eccoci all’ultimo post relativo ai principi della privacy di F-Secure. Ho già delineato le fondamenta e il motivo per il quale la sicurezza rappresenta un requisito per la privacy. 587 more words


ISIL in Ferguson

This recent article on ISIL using the uproar of the grand jury decision on Darren Wilson to promote their own cause is pretty surprising.

The article features many screen caps from different ISIL promoters throughout Twitter. 440 more words


#Forgiveness : when the other party doesn't ask for it or show any remorse for their actions...

Matthew 18:22

Jesus answered him, I tell you, not up to seven times, but seventy times seven!

…sometimes calls us beyond mending what is broken, to healing a painful past. #RepeatedAction