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A Quick Word from ‘the Cottage’

It is Monday afternoon and I am grateful to find myself up in ‘Cottage Country’.  Beautiful Muskoka – a few hours north of Toronto.  I just stirred from a nap in the sun, laid out on a lounger down on the dock.   671 more words

The Solution is Here! Spread this GREAT NEWS!

Dearest Family of the Light, I am excited to share this information with you.

In case you missed Drakes Show yesterday and would like to get involved to help Humanity or just yourself and your family (sad to say that is what some will only want to do). 860 more words


The flowing blood river!

Oh Jailer, let me leave,
and enjoy the summer trees,
have the luxuries of life,
enjoy the king’s vine,
egress this torturous confinement,
the thought alone uproots my enticement. 276 more words


Persecuted Whiners

By Joel Hess -

Stop whining about persecution

Christians in America have it relatively easy compared to most other environments; therefore we draw our stories of faith under fire from other parts of the globe.  718 more words

A Voice In The Wasteland

Please God in How You Live – 1 Thes. 4:1-6

Two hundred thirty-eight years ago a small group of men and women birthed a nation by throwing off the shackles of oppression laid up on them by a government that though its purpose was to “control” the people. 670 more words

Christian Faith

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Amazing Motivational Story


This video is a short documentary film on how and why Arnold Schwarzenegger became so successful. It talks about how his dream of being a body builder started and the obstacles that he had to overcome to achieve. 69 more words

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Light Up, Light Up, As If You Have A Choice

So it’s day one without the anti-depressants, which coincides with my 851st SoberDay.  So far it’s been okay, a few headaches as the day went on, but other than that it’s been pretty good, although it will be too early to tell. 584 more words