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Imagination, Laughter and Harmless Chaos

Today I observed that childhood means pretending beads are people to imagine what it’s like to be that small, running into furniture on purpose and laughing about it, and throwing an entire bag of oatmeal down the stairs and reveling in the mess while clenching fistfuls of it in tiny hands. 56 more words


I am free.

My soul escapes the garden of sharp thorns.
My body mangled in the brush – left behind, unwanted.
I fly through the trees, spiraling in and out of the rain. 52 more words


The Perfect World of Pornography

Watching pornography, masturbation and sexual fantasy, are not just standalone events, they are part of a fantasy world we create to meet our needs in any way we want, any time we want. 479 more words

In My Little Corner

In my little corner,
I’m excited that you’re here.
I promise in my corner
You have no need to fear.

You are safe from hatred, 66 more words


Quote of the day, Nov. 22

John F. Kennedy (1961)

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”


The tyranny of common sense

“We may occasionally see some man of deep conscientiousness, and subtle and refined understanding, who spends a life in sophisticating with an intellect which he cannot silence, and exhausts the resources of ingenuity in attempting to reconcile the promptings of his conscience and reason with orthodoxy…” 588 more words


Take Aim

We live in a world of cycles and transformations. We move through seasons, days and years of our lives, changing and shifting from one birthday to the next. 674 more words