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I finally decided to create a blog! Exciting, but I’ve no idea what to post here yet. Anyway since this is my blog, I guess I’m free to post whatever I want here, right? 55 more words

Blog Newbie


Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Rus?

Russia and especially Putin creates a problem for the Western/USA world. How to deal with what appears to be an authoritarian ex Superpower which contains a multitude of seething grievances? 139 more words

Freedom. Hope. Easter!

Freedom. Love! HOPE.

Some of you may be walking in impossible situations right now. Do you feel lost, alone, depressed? You may even feel dead or that parts in your life are dead. 135 more words

Mahatma Gandhi and His Experiments

I had read about Mahatma Gandhi in several books and newspapers, but I was looking for something different and interesting that could help me know more about Gandhi. 1,361 more words

Patient Log 3 - Michael Smith

Subject 12 - Michael Smith Michael is a patient at the Norton Institute, he is kept under permanent observation.


The forgotten and repose
Not withstanding you.

Untenable, seas
Rise amid isles of twilight;
Matter craves it’s lull.

This piece has to do with the interactions between material and conscious substances. 14 more words

“I’m the hundredth Karpal Singh. They can't jail us ALL” social media cause

“I’m the hundredth Karpal Singh” social media cause

Karpal Singh was Malaysia’s Gandhi. He was killed in a car accident on 17 April, 2014 at 1:10am. 401 more words