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My Journey Toward Financial Freedom: Crunch Time

My girl is moving in with me this Saturday! Exciting times for sure, but I’m still not where I want to be financially. It it what it is. 409 more words


Ghosts that Haunt Our Politics

“I’ll never do that again!”

All of us from childhood on have horrible experiences we don’t want to repeat, eras we never want to live through ever again, and mistakes we’ve paid a terrible price for committing. 664 more words

Humble Musings On Today's Culture

marlow Is Now Known As Buddy

Saying good bye to his past life, Marlow is now known as Buddy

It suits him well because well he is now our Buddy :) 250 more words

4 Main Reasons for ISIS to Exist

First of all, I have to start by saying that the whole idea of ISIS is blown out of proportion by the US and its allies to facilitate yet another ugly and evil intervention in the area. 1,698 more words


The End of Academy?

Are we approaching the end of the academy?
When freedom is simply too big to mention.
When pens and papers are mixed with barracks and guns. 70 more words

I Want To Break Free

Some things just don’t make sense. Relationships are one of them. Not just the man-woman thing. Take any relationship, scratch the surface and it’s ugly. Then why do people crave for them? 135 more words