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Aquarian Age

As we swim through the air
round and round with the tides
the Moons they do guide us
through our darkness and light

A Freedom and Peace… 54 more words


The Third Law: Hiding Intentions To Evil People

Hiding intentions to get what you want is of great importance if you really want to be on your way to success and personal freedom.Intentions can be used against you at every moment, so never reveal them to anyone, keep them to yourself. 537 more words

8 Laws


Freedom and bondage are choices, conditions of body, heart, mind and spirit that we define over the course of a lifetime.  27 more words


The Second Law: Doing What You Feel Is Good

The very first thing I realized of during my life is that you should always do what you really want with your life, of course, taking into consideration the poweful meaning hidden in the sentence that said ‘my freedom finishes when yours begins’ and we all know what that means. 482 more words

8 Laws

Becoming The Center Of My Life

The more I become the center of my life, the more it confuses me. I mean… I am being confused with the life style I had in the past and the life style I am having these days. 298 more words