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The Hope that Truth Brings

All of us are afraid at times that if people see us for who/what we really are that we will be finished. We get really good at hiding our real selves because it’s just safer. 232 more words


A Case for Free People

                           Through the years, as I grew in my relationship with God, I became more and more open with my worship, and when I was open with my worship, I began to be more open to the Holy Spirit. 838 more words

All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me...

To all the strong women out there who never give up, this post is dedicated to you…

You look up to the following women:

Sheryl Sandberg… 185 more words

The Importance of Free Speech

It seems these are dark times for basic freedoms. In France cartoonists and journalists are killed because of some perceived offence. In Saudi Arabia blogger Raif Badawi has been imprisoned for presenting his own view and has been sentence to be flogged 1000 times. 1,383 more words


That Ride That Day

In June 2014, I wanted to get off my butt and get active again, so I started to walk and bike.    I was feeling so much better by August. 958 more words


Agapanthus Abandon...

Finally beginning to paint with abandon with watercolor! Feels good… Working from feeling and memory, but only after a lot of study, and a pile of rejects. 29 more words

Into The Rose Garden

Have you ever read the poem Burnt Norton, by T.S Elliot? It really is beautiful and I wish I could honestly recommend it, but since I studied it in high school, every time I read it now it is haunted by the ugly ghost of essays past. 1,361 more words