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What is Freedom? (19): Social Freedom


If you ask people what freedom is, then they tend to go with the “ability to do what you want” definition. And it’s equally likely that they immediately add a qualifier: this ability should not be absolute but instead limited by the same freedom of others and by the things that can harm others. 775 more words


The enemy of my enemy...

Let’s get straight to it.   I have no colorful analogies or literary pictures to paint.  I’ve been sitting on this issue for a few weeks now, and as I am watching this grow, I feel compelled to speak on it.  1,223 more words


I'm NOT a Member of the NAACP! And Proud of It!

The NAACP had their annual convention last week where, again, those who don’t fall in line to their message don’t get to speak. However, for the first time, they allowed Deneen Borelli, a black Conservative, who through the help of FreedomWorks has started a movement to empower Blacks and show case how we don’t need the government to be good and great. 768 more words



some thoughts on posting that video the other day.

secret: i posted and deleted that thing 4x before i finally left it up, ‘cuz when i start noticing myself doing craziness like that, i know something is up. 327 more words


Pray with me today that God would intervene and come to the aid of those in need who have been affected by injustice! Thank you and God bless you!




It wasn’t hard,

I opened the bird cage

And I let it fly.

I opened the stable

And I let it run.

I broke the chain… 14 more words