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Forty six years after it’s debut, the Datsun 510 proves its funky, 3-box design is as attractive as ever.  In fact, it’s an inspiration.



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They sit back and relax
Countin their drugs and cash
Holdin their guns and bottlecaps
Vicious decisions to protect the stash… 499 more words

Mind Matter

Fish & Meat

Dear Fish & Meat, I love you.

Fish & Meat was one of the places I scoffed at when it first opened but secretly wanted to try because their menu sounded absolutely pornographic. 271 more words


Zuma Brunch

You know why I’m not a food blogger? Because I suck at taking pictures of buffets. Because I’m too impatient, and I get hangry when I can’t dive into the food in front of me. 177 more words


(Semester two exercise) Freewriting. Non-stop, no correction constant stream of thoughtless writing.

Freewriting. University non-stop, no correction constant stream of thoughtless writing.

Selfish sweltering sticky torment, tumbling through the reeds of regret there was no air no light no life all darkened by an inane desire to break, where were we when this was happening no human could withstand to be in their selves during this kind of upheaval twisted springs of loveless beds thrusting into our bruised spines smiling wickedly the scars left we thumb against like pages of some long lost and forgotten tome thick with dust and age music in ink thought with no meaning a melodic sentence for the soulless convict trapped in a sinking ship of deceit and remorse hungering flesh thrown and torn twisted to breaking bones shattered in silent vigil of the wonderous humanity that defies nature and suffers our hearts and unbearable hollow wooden thud from the feet of tremulous soldiers waving and stomping in reckless abandon moving as one to drown in the sea of longing return hope shimmers as glitter through the murk of the wet unforgiving waves and is ignored by all but the most foolhardy regiment of protrusive and hate filled power hungry and pointed jaw towards the sands reaching out to touch the intangible truth of the justice so fervently denied to us all by reason of human sufferance in the eyes of distraught sailors tossed amongst the fetishists fingers sticky again with wished promises of warm breathed belonging gathering dust on the shoulders of a hangman on the mound of a mothers child.


Frankie's Garage: Jay Drives the NISMO IDX

When Nissan unveiled its top-secret concept at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, it blew Nissan fanboys and auto fans away that Nissan would bring back the iconic Datsun 510 back to life.  102 more words


'Bite the bullet and write'... the outcome of my Yoga.

I thought I’d bite the bullet and write. It’s so easy to put off but once I start I love the way the word fall from my head and through my fingers to compile the words your reading. 811 more words

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