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Life at the dumpster (aka the kindness of strangers)

I haven’t written anything lately because I was moving. And the move was absolutely horrendous, thanks for asking. I moved a few months ago, and everything has been busy since. 510 more words


Would you eat from a bin? Reject consumerism and join the life of a ‘Freegan’.

If you saw untouched packets of croissants, waffles or ham lying innocently in the bin outside your local supermarket- would you be tempted? There’s a growing craze of ‘freeganism’ or ‘dumpster diving’ to save one of the 2.6 billion pieces of bread or one of the 1.6 billion apples that’s thrown away every year. 175 more words

How to cook seasonal winter vegetables (INFOGRAPHIC)

via here: How to cook seasonal winter vegetables (INFOGRAPHIC).

More than any other time of the year, winter is when people send me pictures of Mystery Food that was in their CSA or food bank box asking, “What even is this and what do I do with it?”  Parsnips & rutabagas are big ones.   37 more words


What I Ate Today (Vegan)

Today I have eaten amazingly well and I’ve not spent a single penny! I began my day with my usual coffee. I know this is a terrible habit but I love coffee! 633 more words


Waste Not Want Not: A Freegans Ethos

For my university course I had to create a 5 minute documentary in a group. I decided that I was interested in food waste and the Freegan movement, Freegans are people who try to get as much as possible for free like hitchhiking but a big part of that lifestyle is food and getting it out of bins! 35 more words


Dumpster Diving Dinner

Yup, we ate garbage. I mean, we literally pulled it out of the trash bins, but really it wasn’t trash at all, but still very highly edible. 518 more words