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Waste Not Want Not: A Freegans Ethos

For my university course I had to create a 5 minute documentary in a group. I decided that I was interested in food waste and the Freegan movement, Freegans are people who try to get as much as possible for free like hitchhiking but a big part of that lifestyle is food and getting it out of bins! 35 more words


Dumpster Diving Dinner

Yup, we ate garbage. I mean, we literally pulled it out of the trash bins, but really it wasn’t trash at all, but still very highly edible. 518 more words


Geçen hafta elçilik randevuma giderken erkenden Kızılay’da buldum kendimi ve köşedeki simitçide kahvaltı etmeye karar verdim. “Bir simit ve bir sakallı lütfen”.. Çayı cam bardakta almak isteyince beni alt kattaki oturma alanına yönlendirdiler, ince belli çayımı alıp masalardan birine geçtim. 981 more words


After a sharp start, ART’s ‘O.P.C.’ loses steam

CAMBRIDGE – There’s nothing wrong with educating and informing as long as you’re entertaining along the way.

So playwright Eve Ensler has every right to rail against the wasteful society we live in her new play “O.P.C.” 744 more words


Bin-ana bread

On a casual four a.m dumpster diving session, my flatmate and I stumbled across gold. Yellow gold. In the form of a bunch of bananas. These bananas were a tad past their eat-fresh-and-rejoice date, but were well within their bake-and-celebrate date. 267 more words

Seconds Please

Personally the thought of getting something for free or next to nothing is exciting. Mom used to call it making money, as opposed to just trading it which is what generally happens. 491 more words


Day 25: Pesto pizza

When I embarked on this challenged one thing I thought I would miss the most is a big cheese baked pizza. I imagined the substitute of cheese would ruin the whole experience of pizza. 525 more words

Vegan Challange