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Soup, never just a soup: Carrot, Ginger and Turmeric Super-Yellow Soup

What can we say?

Yes, we used carrots, potatoes, onions, and ginger which would have been otherwise wasted.

The carrots were perfectly fine, just a wholesaler’s surplus at the end of the week. 561 more words

Food Waste

It's been a good month!

April 18

It’s easy for me to see how people get into the whole ‘freegan’ thing.




Freegans: Driven to dumpster dive not by poverty, but by environmnental politics… 3,380 more words

Respectable Dumpster Diver

Urban Foragers

‘Freeganism’ or ‘dumpster diving’ is an anti-consumerist movement that is becoming more prominent in Perth’s suburbs.

This photo essay shows a day in the life of a dumpster diver in Perth. 13 more words

If you have to enter a bin, don't get caught

Occasionally/too often in life I find myself in situations where it’s not possible to laugh things off or casually gloss over the awkwardness.

Sometimes in life it’s possible to trip on the pavement and smoothly style it out into a little jog. 765 more words


Le resto « freegan » qui cuisine les invendus de Rungis [via @WeDemain pour wedemain.fr]

Né aux Etats-Unis pour protester contre le consumérisme à outrance et le gaspillage alimentaire, le mouvement Freegan commence à essaimer l’Europe. « Les Freegan sont ceux qui mangent ou consomment uniquement ce qui est gratuit. 104 more words


The Iceland Bin Raiders and the Vagrancy Act 1824

Being a legal blogger can very often present dichotomies. The thing with the bloggosphere is that things can often move very fast so when people want to put information out there and get there opinion out there. 1,722 more words

food and kites.. not bombs and drones


Yesterday was a beautiful day! The weather was glorious, the food delicious… AND we flew kites!

Southampton Food Not Bombs took to the park, sharing food and fun in the sunshine.  355 more words