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Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs

Making my way down to Santa Cruz from San Francisco CA, I was able to meet up with another Food Not Bombs group. Fortunately for me, I was staying with Keith McHenry and Abbi Samuels, feeling incredibly welcomed. 674 more words


Celery musings

According to legend (and by legend I mean the autonomous authors of Wikipedia), in the pre-Ancient Greek world, celery was associated with death. Garlands of celery were placed on the bodies of the dead, and celery is said to have been seeded by the blood of a death god. 529 more words


Sublime Carrot Soup and Pimiento Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The other day, for some reason or another, I dumpstered three pounds of carrots. I told myself that I would juice them, but after a couple days had passed and I’d only made one juice since, I recalled an old favorite: a carrot soup from Deborah Madison’s… 538 more words


Vegan Cyclists Finally Unite!

Breaking world record for most unsolicited opinions shared.



I always find them in the trash bags; piles upon piles of bananas. Just a few weeks ago, in a newer dumpster I’ve been frequenting, I found about four bags of… 879 more words


Spicy Pickles

There are two foods I’d often avoid as a child: salad and pickles. Not that they were bad, they just weren’t good. I grew up in the eighties: salad was iceberg lettuce with a slice of cucumber and two tasteless grape tomatoes. 530 more words


The Employment Paradigm: A Labor Day Story

I used to think that the scariest thing about unemployment was the obvious, the lack of an income.  But I soon came to realize that there is something else:  The fear of the unknown.  1,680 more words