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Free Stuff!

Three years ago, I moved to Ireland and met a Swede, whom I am unfortunately for different reasons, not in touch with today. He was taking a year off University to ‘try and see the world’ and we ended up working for the same company for some time. 784 more words

Everything You Need To Know About Scoring Free Water In MTL

We all know how costly bottled water can get – and it’s doubly frustrating that we need it to live. Thankfully, Montreal has many cool spots that, unbeknownst to many, offer free water. 482 more words

Le premier restaurant freegan de France a ouvert à Paris

Après les végans et leur régime végétalien, voici les freegans et leur régime déchétarien. Jamais entendu parler ? Rien d’étonnant. Freegan Pony, le premier restaurant du genre en France a ouvert à Paris au printemps dernier. 352 more words


Freeganists=garbage eating yahoos?

Hi y’all! I have recently been doing some research into freeganism and I’ve had my eyes totally opened up and I’m very excited to share my findings/thoughts will you!  272 more words

Super easy tightass' roast rosemary veggies and lemon chicken butts

Total cost $4:39
4 x cheapest cuts of chicken (usually thigh)
7 x small potatoes (dumpster dived)
3 x green peppers (dumpster dived)
1/2 x butternut pumpkin (dumpster dived) 113 more words

Winter forage recipes under $5

Pumpkin & cauliflower soup – total cost $0

1x Butternut pumpkin (dumpster dived)
1 x cauliflower (dumpster dived)
1 x onion (dumpster dived)
1lt of vegetable stock (premade with dumpster dived vegetable offcuts and ocean salt) 104 more words

Saving the world, one bin at a time!

When I heard that people ate foods from bins it was hard to wrap my head around the idea. Rummaging through supermarket bins may sound gross, dirty or even dangerous for your health to some, but once you witness the astounding amount of perfectly edible, packaged food thrown away, it makes you wonder why isn’t something being done about this? 871 more words