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Day 25: Pesto pizza

When I embarked on this challenged one thing I thought I would miss the most is a big cheese baked pizza. I imagined the substitute of cheese would ruin the whole experience of pizza. 525 more words

Vegan Challange

When it rains, it pours

9/27 – someone is either moving? …or had a party, and tossed out anything the guests didn’t eat.

Here’s the take, just one bag:

- 1/2 loaf of Milton’s whole grain bread, dated 9/26. 1,768 more words

Respectable Dumpster Diver

Love food hate waste

I try my very best not to gain a superiority complex when it comes to dumpster diving.  However, after working at a country club for an entire summer, I am certainly glad that I take initiative when it comes to preventing food waste. 169 more words

what sustains me

I’m not sure what kind of relationship is required to justify the term ‘friend‘. There’s a woman I encounter every Sunday and we often exchange greetings. 488 more words


dumpster diving

There are many reasons for dumpster diving. The main reason I dumpster dive is because I don’t make much money. I plotted out an entire trajectory for myself at one point in which I could save money by dumpster diving. 422 more words


Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs

Making my way down to Santa Cruz from San Francisco CA, I was able to meet up with another Food Not Bombs group. Fortunately for me, I was staying with Keith McHenry and Abbi Samuels, feeling incredibly welcomed. 674 more words


Celery musings

According to legend (and by legend I mean the autonomous authors of Wikipedia), in the pre-Ancient Greek world, celery was associated with death. Garlands of celery were placed on the bodies of the dead, and celery is said to have been seeded by the blood of a death god. 529 more words