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Freekeh (pronounced free-ka) is an ancient grain that is harvested and roasted when the wheat is young. This nutritious young green wheat contains a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals then mature wheat, it is low GI and high in protein, fibre, calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. 151 more words


Freekeh with mushrooms

Freekeh with mushrooms

Freekeh (free kah) is roasted young green wheat. It has a higher nutritive value than rice and contains more protein, fiber, calcium, iron and zinc than mature wheat. 148 more words


Freekeh with fresh pesto, peppers, soya beans and feta

I do love a grain. Walking into Whole Foods, I genuinely get excited when I hear of a new ‘Super Food’ that looks like cow fodder and is something I definitely cannot pronounce (I called quinoa ‘Quin-O-a’ for a good couple of months, before being correctly by a woman in Holland and Barrett who looked like she’d never had a crisp in her life). 199 more words

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Zaytoun Foods from Palestine, and Some Reflections, Links and Recipes

“Gaza death toll rises above 200, Israel suffers first casualty.”  That’s the first news that comes up on my screen. Pretty awful times in Palestine and Israel too right now, the airstrikes and deaths and destruction, and the… 642 more words


Vegan Freekeh

Freekeh! The name alone gets a lot of attention, freaky, get it? Ok ill stop now.

This is one of my absolute favorites dishes growing up, although traditionally it is made with some sort of meat and more oil/ghee/butter, this recipe keeps all taste while lightening up the dish my way ;)




To all the Freekeh lovers out there, here is an ancient Middle-Eastern Freekeh Recipe for you to try to indulge with. 

It is incredible how this world works, trend is in everything. 78 more words