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Six days remain (Doodoodoodoo, doodoodoodooodoo: to the tune of the final countdown - duh)

Friends! It’s an interesting time right now: we have six days left in Paris, and really only five, since day 6 is travel day and travel day is going to start at balls o’clock and end at a quarter past exhaustion. 475 more words

Holy French Breakthrough!

I started writing this post in my head while walking to a new cafe to work this afternoon, Cafe Pinson, which I walked past on my way home from Montmartre last night. 311 more words

Sometimes life is normal while traveling. Until you drop your crackers.

Work was fairly slow for our first two weeks in Paris, which meant I worked mostly half days and spent my afternoons walking anywhere from 8 to 13 miles. 344 more words

Hallelujah: Blackburn Coffee

The other morning I woke up from a dream that we had just arrived home, and our co-op building was extra special super fancy (in my dream) with an incredibly grand atrium in the middle (there is no middle, in reality) (or…I guess we are the middle?) (I don’t know/architecture?), and people sitting on balconies that were outside of their units but within the…well, dream logic. 373 more words